UWG on YT: Sam and Max Hit the Road (with bonus content!)

When I first played Sam & Max Hit the Road waaaay back when, if you had told me that I’d someday record me playing it for the masses, I’d have thought you were crazy. Like, who-the-hell-would-want-to-watch-someone-play-games CRAZY. But here we are, and I’m currently playing this brilliantly fun and silly classic LucasArts point-and-click game for the masses! My playthrough of Sam & Max Hit the Road, broken down into eight weekly segments, began last month over on United We Game’s YouTube channel, and I’m now over half way through, with the final videos going up each Tuesday this month. Today I’m sharing the first video in that series. Maybe like it or leave a comment if you feel so inclined, or just subscribe to UWG, because  it’ll make you EVEN MOAR AWESOME than you already are.

Because I’ve had so much fun with video-making for UWG (sentence much?), I completely forgot that I had recorded another Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 video for my own “channel.” After failing miserably there with something of a chosen team, I decided I’d go all random with my team choices to see what would happen. I still failed miserably but had a good deal of fun (eh, mostly). You can check out the results below.

Also, I was serious about taking requests. Not that I can follow up on them immediately (let’s say the deadline is “by the end of this year, or maybe next”), but if you’d like to see me play as three particular characters in UMvC3, just let me know. I promise that I will probably be able to get to round 4 with them. Anything past that would be a goddamn fucking miracle.

OMG, 3 segments??! What kind of coocoobananas Monday morning post IS this? I don’t know; I had A LOT of coffee this morning. But since I’m here touting videos, for your viewing ease and pleasure, I’m now compiling all my videos, those for UWG and my own “channel,” onto a new page: Gaming Videos. And…uh…that’s it? I think the caffeine might be wearing off alrea….


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