#Pokemon20 – Oh, how things have changed (for me)

If you had told me a mere decade ago that I would someday play and enjoy a Pokemon game, I would have laughed straight in your lovely, stupid face. Now here I am, laughing at myself. Laughing at my former stubborn and ungracious self. Laughing at the “gamer” I once took myself to be. I even wrote about it, about the negative feelings I once harbored towards anything and everything Pokemon.

I guess I’ve come a long ways. Or some ways. Some way that led right round to the very thing I thought I once despised: Pokemon. Last year I developed my first game project, which involved playing my first ever Pokemon game, LeafGreen. I’ll say it — I had a blast. The game was much more fun than I thought possible, and it even led to me starting up Pokemon Emerald. (Stalled now, unfortunately, but waiting for me when I’m ready to come back.) To celebrate #Pokemon20, I’m re-sharing here my experiences with LeafGreen that I documented last year.

Happy anniversary to an indelible series, one with as rightful a place in gaming as any series, ever.

Project 151 – Playing Pokemon LeafGreen
A New Initiative
The Game and the Starter Poll
The Starter Chosen
First Impressions and a Question
Slow going but making progress
Get while the getting’s good
Round and round (with Pokemon, not Ratt)
One Badge Away from Victory
The home stretch…maybe? Maybe not.
Oh, I’ll get it done, eventually, I promise

My winning LeafGreen team.
My winning LeafGreen team.

(Oh, and Happy Leap Day. That’s something special, too.)


  1. I’ve been seeing brand new “How To” guides for Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow lately since they were recently re-released on the 3DS. I remember looking these things up on GameFAQs waaaay back when, and now there’s all sorts of new videos and guides for these 20 year old games. It’s very cool, but still very weird…:D

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    • When I played through LeafGreen, I was really surprised at how much contemporary help for the game existed online. Guess it goes to show that Pokemon has real staying power!

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