Mission Chrono Trigger: Getting Crono back, and getting back at Lavos

In the event that you’re tired of me NOT getting to the end of Chrono Trigger, because frankly, by now I thought that I’d be done with the game as well, all I can say is nope, still not done. Oh, I got damn close during this past month of play, but…ah, just be a good sport and read on. C’mon…it’ll be worth it.

Maybe. I mean, you are your own person, so do what you want. It’s a FREE GODDAMN COUNTRY.


Sorry, I’m having a…day. You’re nice people, so…

Moving on.

Okay, so last time I failed to get past the Giga Mutant on the Black Omen, and I was unhappy about that. After ALL the bosses that I had faced, here was one that just seemed insurmountable. But of course it wasn’t…it couldn’t be. So I put on my determined face and did what any gamer would rightly do.

I grinded my happy little heart out until my team had reached at least level 40. (It seemed like a suitably round, high number.) I don’t think I’ve pointed out before that grinding in Crono Trigger isn’t the worst thing in the world. In fact, leveling up in the game seems to happen fairly quickly. So within just a couple short sessions, I was leveled up and ready to take on that stupid Giga Mutant. Long story short, I beat it! But…I failed to grab a screen capture at the right time. 😦 But look…LOOK…I was totally on the Black Omen being all badass and stuff!

See…Marle, Ayla, Magus, all TOTALLY in the Black Omen.
And we re-fought lots of monsters along the way.
And we re-fought lots of monsters along the way.
Even a Lavos Spawn! (Which wasn't the worst of the lot.)
Even a Lavos Spawn! (Which wasn’t the worst of the lot because before it was a TERRA MUTANT that was way less pleasant than the Giga Mutant.)

Something of a side note here, but in the midst of all the traveling, we ran into two rooms that contained all the protagonists stuck inside floating light capsules. It was remarkably strange.

Now things are getting weird.
Now things are getting weird.

There wasn’t much time to contemplate such strangeness though, as before too long, we met up with the crazy Queen Zeal, herself! Considering all the mutants and wackiness we had faced before this, Zeal’s battle was quick and relatively painless. What I didn’t expect is that it was something of a “winless” fight, because just when I thought it was over, Zeal got the idea to throw the gang into the dreaded Mammon Machine.

Can’t we talk about this first?
Okay, I guess not.
Okay, I guess not.

Ultimately, though, the Mammon Machine was more bark than bite — surely intimidating but not very powerful. Marle, Ayla, and Magus dispatched it posthaste. But of course, it wasn’t not as if Zeal had given up. After the Mammon Machine, the gang was back on the helm of the Black Omen, with Magus making all sort of crazy promises.

Yeah. Sure. Because things have been going GREAT so far.

All joking aside, the second battle with Zeal was on, and this time she was in the form of a disembodied head and two hands, which I’m pretty sure were giving us the finger the whole time.

Disembodiment figures into any good RPG…right?

This was one helluva battle that really tested my timing. Magus and Ayla did all the heavy lifting, and Marle was on task healing at every opportunity. We managed, and everyone leveled up quite nicely once it was all said and done, but this was not a battle to which I would ever look forward to again.

Insects are actually pretty strong and feisty, y’know…so the jokes on you, sister!

Even though the Black Omen was down and out, things were hardly over for the team. The tireless and tiring battling went on with Lavos…AGAIN!

C’mon…didn’t we already do this?

That’s right. After dealing with all the shit thrown at us on the Black Omen, we were rewarded with ANOTHER face-off with Lavos. Seriously, time traveling is fucking ridiculous. And not only that, but this time I didn’t have Crono, which sucked. But there was little use in complaining then. Besides, as it turned out, Lavos’s attacks were pretty much the same as the first time we faced it, so, at least I had some idea of what to expect. The battle proceeded, and the team persisted until…

I said it befor and I'll say it again...WOOFUCKING-HOO!
I said it before and I’ll say it again…WOO-FUCKING-HOO! Also, I love Ayla.

Now, dear readers, I must admit that at this point, my recollection of what happened next is fuzzy. I imagine that the sheer joy of beating Lavos clouded the next several minutes of play. I do remember two things: saving the game and wanting to get Crono back. I don’t recall if I walked into the Lavos shell or meandered elsewhere. At an earlier point, at the End of Time, I was given a clue that I needed to seek out the guru Balthasar into order to revive Crono. (Right, the “Time Egg” and the Chrono Trigger and all that.) Things hinted that he was in 2300 A.D. in the Keeper’s Dome, and that’s where I ended up.

Once at the Keeper’s Dome, I made my way to a creature (a Nu) into which Belthasar has inserted his consciousness (omg, this game), which said that we needed a clone of Crono in order to bring him back to life.

A clone??! Why is nothing as easy as abracadabra?

And where, one might ask, would one procure a clone of said hero?

Ask and ye shall receive.

Ahhhhh, sure. Now, one of you lovely commentors pointed out on a earlier post that I’d have to head back to the Millennial Fair if I wanted to get Crono back — thank you for that! Because it only made sense that there would be a magician at the fair.

Yes, yes. One clone, please?

Turned out that Marle had to play a game to get the clone, because why the hell not. Great, one clone achieved. After that, the gang headed back to Balthasar in 2300 A.D. for some more instruction, which came summarily as “go to Death Peak.” Nicely enough, Death Peak was just next door.

Knock knock!

I’ve said before that I’m playing an emulated version of this game, right? For this I’m using an SNES emulator on my tablet, which is nice enough, though it takes some time to get used to not interacting with real buttons. Up to Death Peak, this hasn’t really been a problem — the on-screen “buttons” and “d-pad” have worked okay. At Death Peak, however, the controls completely failed. Like, completely fucking failed to the point that I almost thought I’d have to quit the game.

I know this is a long-winded post, so I’m going to avoid the in-depth rant in favor of simply saying that the on-screen controls of the emulator just didn’t give me precise enough control over the characters. Because the thing about Death Peak is that if you aren’t precisely aligned in each part of the climb up the mountain (or if you aren’t the goddamn luckiest person in the whole goddamn world), you get blown back to the start of that particular part. (If you ended up at the very beginning each time, I’d still be curled up in a sobbing ball of madness.) I was stuck trying to climb Death Peak for going on a good week plus before saving myself by plugging a game controller into the tablet. Even then, the climb was excruciating, but at least I made it.

Seething hatred. That is all.

And what was the reward that awaited at the tippy-top of Death Peak but a way to revive Crono, thanks to some incantations and that clone…doll…thing.

Lord knows we need it after that climb!

A few magical bits later that involved headed back to the moment of Crono’s death during the first Lavos battle, and everything was back to normal.

This game is not without it’s “aww” moments.

So, okay, Crono came back! YAY! I was very happy to have him back at the helm with Marle and Ayla, still my favorite grouping. So we all headed back to the End of Time to celebrate and figure out what to do next. After some discussion, the path seemed clear — it was time to take down Lavos once and for all.

No pressure, though.

Back into the epoch the team piled, and it was off to the apocalypse! Time traveling to 1999 A.D. immediately led to the return of Lavos, where we were brought to the shell. Seems the shell wasn’t exactly Lavos after all…so what final form awaited?

Go inside? Um…you first.

Inside the shell everyone went…

This is no time to be Captain Obvious, Marle.
This is no time to be Captain Obvious, Marle.

And there it was…Lavos, for reals. The REAL, ACTUAL, NO SHIT SHERLOCK IT’S LAVOS!

Well it’s about damn time!

Holy crap, people! And I thought some of the previous bosses were difficult! There’s honestly no funny quipping here, because Lavos kicked the team’s collective ass in a matter of minutes.

Now, after being defeated, I thought I’d be brought back the start screen and would simply reload my last save. But instead, something different happened. I was shown a few scenes of the world’s destruction at the hands of Lavos…

You have no idea how confused I was at this point.

…and then…this:


And instead of credits or being brought to the load screen, everyone was suddenly back at the End of Time.

Confused. Me. Now.

So what the heck? The game isn’t over right? I mean, I didn’t beat Lavos, so is this, like, giving me a second chance to do that? That’s what I think anyway. My gaming intuition tells me that I probably have to level up some more, that Crono, et al. simply aren’t strong enough to beat Lavos, and this is the game giving me the opportunity to do just that. So I level up and then head back to 1999? I’m still a little perplexed. So I’m just going to hang out at the End of Time for a bit to figure things out. I welcome any advice moving forward.

Maybe by next month, I’ll be calling this one done! For now, I remain…confused.



    • Thanks! It’s been such an amazing game so far. And you’re right, the cast of characters is great and varied. Almost any combination will get you through even the most difficult bosses. Plus it’s fun to experiment with the team to see what kind of character interactions happen along the way, too.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m sure I also saw the “future refused to change screen” at some point… I took it as a game over, personally, but I suppose you could also read it as a legitimate ending, right? I don’t know. As with other people by the looks of it, at this point I was enjoying the game so much I really wanted to do the sidequests to put off finishing the game. Definitely some memorable stuff there, if you want it. Otherwise, good luck with Lavos! (Gotta love the crazy music in that final battle.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s true, actually. It’s not a happy ending, but this game is all about throwing curve balls at just the right time. Be that as it may, I agree with everyone here that sidequesting is the best option at the moment. Lavos will be waiting patiently, no doubt.

      I can’t get over the array of music in this game. The soundtrack is not overly complicated, and each song really brings life to its scene(s). The vigorous battle themes are particularly awesome!


  2. One of the great things about Chrono Trigger is all the divergent paths you can take to get to the end. I’ve never seen that room with all the protagonists in suspended animation, in fact I had no idea that it was there! In fact, I don’t think I played through the Black Omen at all (though that Zeal fight does ring a bell somehow). I wound up confronting Llavos more directly in my game, though I couldn’t tell you how.

    Did you do any of the party member side-quests, cause they’re really cool. Frog’s and Lucca’s quests in particular brought on some serious feels!

    Oh, and did you find the rainbow shell yet? You can use it to create an ultimate katana for Crono. Very nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, cool! I’ve not gotten to rainbow shell, but I did come across mention of that..somewhere… I’ll definitely have to look further into that, as it seems I’m going to break into sidequesting mode!

      It’s really impressive how one single game can offer up such different experiences for each player depending on the paths chosen. And I thought things were complicated enough in Bioware games with all the choices! Chrono Trigger is proving time and again that you don’t need to be fancy in order to create a memorable game.

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  3. There are a lot of sidequests you could do before going off to defeat the final boss. If you complete them all, you might get stronger weapons and armor out of the deal. Try exploring the time periods for places you weren’t able to access before the Epoch could fly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had an inkling that special items of one sort or another would help in the final battle. Looks like I’m in for a little sidequesting then…thanks! 🙂


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