#Listmas2015: Most Anticipated Unscheduled Game Releases of 2016

This is going to be a damn fine year for games, we all know that. But for every scheduled (or “scheduled”) release of the year, there remain many games with no days and months attached to when they will see the light of day. Anticipation becomes that unscratchable itch as we wait…wait…and wait some more, hoping that those games that are supposed to come out in “2016” actually do. What are those games for me? My answers are in this Listmas post from late last year that I wrote for United We Game.


Image by Flickr user Bas de Reuver (CC) Image by Flickr user Bas de Reuver (CC)

It happens every year round this time. I look at the games scheduled to be released up to June of the next year. I pick a crop that I’d like to play and stick those dates in my calendar. Slowly but surely my anticipation heightens as those dates near. Once one comes along, the choice becomes buy or wait. And more often than not these days, the choice turns out to be wait. So I’m doing things a little differently this time.

This year, rather than set my heart on a few games of interest that have fairly solid release dates, I’m eyeing number of games that have been promised in 2016 but may not actually make it out to the public. (We all know how far promises go sometimes *ahem* Kingdom Hearts 3 *ahem.*) No commitment, no pain is…

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