This Blog in the Year 2016

As I’ve kinda, sorta done in the past, I’m taking a moment here at the tail end of 2015 to put into writing my plans for this blog as we careen in 2016. And by “plans” I mean a series of somewhat disjointed thoughts that should probably be more joined at this point but ah well fuck it because Christmas is in two days and I’ll be lucky if I remember my name by New Year’s.

In other words, yay for headers and bullet points!

What’s not changing
  • The schedule. It’s pretty habitual by now, so Mondays, Wednesdays, and last day of the month it is.
  • The basic make-up of content. Mostly reblogs on Mondays, original content on Wednesdays, and iTunes Diaries on the last of the month.
  • The theme. More a note to myself than anything, but I’ve been feeling a little wishy-washy about this new theme. Some days I like it, and others I don’t. But I’m going to stick it out through the year. (I’m curious to know how it reads on your PC/phone/tablet/etc. Comments welcome.)
  • Social media. I was seriously thinking about dropping my Facebook page, but I’ve decided not to…yet. I want to like it and Twitter more, though part of me loathes the notion. Maybe it’s age. Fun fact: I realized that as of this year, I’ve lived exactly half my life without the Internet and half with it. The “without” half still drives a pretty large part of my psyche. And that’s all I have to say about that.
What’s changing (or might be changing)
  • The return to BuzzFeed, but this time with more video games. I really enjoyed writing my Totally 80s series last year, and I’d like revive the idea, only with a game-centric list. A few months back, someone offered up on BuzzFeed a list of “32 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die.” Though clickbait-y, the list is fairly diverse, and it offers up a number of talking points. I have a basic format for these posts in mind (opinion/question-answer pieces over critiquing the list itself), the first of which will go up on 1/13/16. So do check back for that.
  • More music. Speaking of new posting ideas, I have one for music in which I cover the most played songs on my iPod (rather than just the random curiousa featured in the iTunes Diaries.) Whether or not that idea pans out, I’d like to write about music more. I did say that at one point I’d cover more game music. Maybe I should follow up on that.
  • Videos? I’ve mentioned before that I’d like to start making more videos here, and it looks like I’m going to eat some of those words, because I do want to make videos, but I also don’t. Right now, my video work for United We Game’s YouTube channel comes first (and I already have a schedule to maintain there), and I know that I don’t want to start up my own channel in earnest. (I consider my YouTube channel more storage and link fodder than a thing to cultivate for subscribers.) So whatever videos I may post here will likely be rather loose, at least for the time being. No series or extensive playthroughs, just me having some fun in a game. Maybe. We’ll see.

My head is still reeling with ideas, but I think these points cover the essence of what will (or will not) be going on. As is says in my header image, covering games, gaming, music, and life remain my primary objectives. As my bank of personal gaming stories dwindles, you may see less nostalgia and more present-day in what I post. Things will evolve in some manner, and I hope you’ll stick with me as they do, but I’ll understand if you don’t. Change is good, even if it means having to barrel through some negativity to reach the other side, which is where I’ll see you in 2016.

Till then, I hope you enjoy a fantastic Christmas and a very happy New Year’s! 😀

Or, as we say in our house, Merry Christ-Moose. (Cause his name is Moose, y'see.)
Or, as we say in our house, Merry Christ-Moose! (Cause his name is Moose, y’see.)


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