Five Favorite Songs from Chrono Trigger…So Far (#Listmas2015)

I’m really glad that Chrono Trigger turned out to be my game project this year. I can see why people adore it so. It’s complex and touching story is wrapped up in simple vestments, making it much less intimidating than many modern RPGs and JRPGs. The game flows so naturally, despite containing unnatural and supernatural events. Overcoming its obstacles is challenging but never insurmountable. And playing into the drive to see Crono’s story through till the end is the game’s soundtrack. I’ve definitely looked forward to hearing news sounds every time I enter a new place. And how many new sounds there are! I’m kind of amazed that the composers managed to cram in as much music in the game as the did. So with that said, I present for this Listmas my top five favorite songs from Chrono Trigger so far. (Up the point of reaching Algetty, though I have progressed a bit farther since.)


1. Green Memories (a.k.a. Memories of the Green)

An early theme in the game, this is what plays in the background as Crono walks around the world map in 1000 A.D. It’s a lovely and simple piece that serves well as the backdrop of the green and peaceful land. It’s bright, airy, and puts you in the mood for a little exploring.


2. Frog’s Theme

Of course Frog’s theme is a majestic march, and I love it! It feels very regal and weighty, kind of like Frog’s own personality. It’s also a short theme despite the fanfare, something I think Frog would appreciate.


3. Lab (or Dome) 16’s Ruin

There’s a wacky urgency to this song, so much so that almost borders on being a bad 80s TV theme song. Maybe that why I took notice of it while making my way through the twisted, mutated wreckage of the Lab 16 area. It seemed to both enhance and belie Crono’s quest at that point.


4. Boss Battle 2

I’ve encountered a few different boss themes in the game, and this one has stuck with me because it’s what played during the crazy (for me) Black Tyranno fight. The song is great — it’s almost joyous and happy in a strange way! Like it’s rooting for you to succeed.


5. Zeal Palace

I love how this song reflects the mysterious quiet of Zeal. It’s almost ponderous and secretive…because who knows what lies behind Zeal’s serenity and happiness? (I’m on the verge of finding that out myself.)


If you’ve played Chrono Trigger, what are your favorite songs from its soundtrack? (Minor late game spoilers are okay. 🙂 )


  1. Even though I have my favorite themes from this game (hello, Singing Mountain), it’s hard to narrow it down. Back when I was a younger person, a friend of mine in high school burned this soundtrack onto CDs for me, and I listened to it on the way to work/school every single day for like six months. It’s pretty great top to bottom.

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    • Even though I’m not through the game yet, I agree that there really aren’t any duds. Each piece of music really fits with whatever area is being explored or cut scene or task at hand. Excellent care and craftsmanship all around.

      I’ve been listening to portions of the OST on YouTube (up to “Undersea Palace,” currently), and “Singing Mountain” doesn’t sound familiar. Maybe I just missed where it plays in the game? It’s a really gorgeous piece.


      • Unfortunately, Singing Mountain wasn’t released on the original SNES game…that and a couple other tracks missed the cut. They went back and used a couple of those songs in the DS version, though (which isn’t as good in my opinion). This is another example:

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        • That’s one great battle theme! Thanks for the info. I am playing the SNES version (emulated), and I’d be curious to see the differences between it and what was put out for the DS. Someday, maybe.


  2. I’d forgotten the Boss Battle 2 and Zeal Palace themes! I love the intensity of the former and how sinister the latter sounds!

    As for me, I really like Victory fanfare 1, the Milennial Fair theme (It just sounds so fun and happy!), Magus’ theme is cool too. There’s one or two more themes that come later in the game that are quiet excellent too, but I don’t want to spoil anything. It a lot of fun running into new music naturally and without expectations. 😀

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    • I know that Chrono Trigger is not a “little” game, but it is more compact than most games of its ilk, and I’m amazed that they managed to squeeze so many different compositions into it! I mean, nearly every place you go and every one you meet has a different theme. And even the smaller pieces, like the fanfare one, are just as unique as everything else. I appreciate you not giving anything away about the end — it’s gonna be a doozy, I can already tell!

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  3. Well, let’s see… there are quite a few! From the start of the game, I love “Peaceful Days” (it’s saccharine sweetness but you might recall I actually LIKE “I Am the Wind” from Symphony of the Night…). A much darker but really beautiful piece is “At the Bottom of the Night” – just wow. I think this plays at various weighty moments in the story, and it’s gorgeous for that purpose. “Schala’s Theme” is an awesome late game piece (it should be making an appearance where you are now in the game), it only plays once or twice in total in story sequences but is rather beautiful and much more than a throwaway piece. Last but definitely not least is the end credits music, “To Far Away Friends”. I will just say that is an amazing way to play the game out.

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    • If I had heard “Schala’s Theme” earlier, it would have definitely been on this list — it’s a great song! Very simple yet telling and still a bit mysterious, like Schala. (I have gotten to a point of hearing it in the game.)

      “Peaceful Days” almost made the list, but I had to put a cap on things. 🙂

      P. S. This post started out as “five reasons you should listen to the Chrono Trigger soundtrack NOW,” but it turns out there are only so many synonyms for “wonderful,” “perfect,” and “brilliant.”

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