And the Winner is…! Not Me. But that’s okay because #Listmas2015

Some other very cool people won!

Following up on my post about Bytes that Rock!, the winners of their best video game blog award were announced as follows:

1st place: 2D Game Art Guru
2nd place: Gamers Sphere
3rd Place: 1001up

I’ve been following Gamers Sphere and 1001up for awhile now, and I highly recommend both sites to anyone interesting in keeping up with game and pop culture news, from the mainstream to the obscure. Both sites are especially infused with the personalities of their writers, making them all the more unique in a sea of game blogs/sites. 2d Game Art Guru is new to me. I’m not in game design, but after perusing the site, I can certainly see why it’s deserving of this recognition. The site is chock full of a wide variety of tutorials for anyone who’s in or looking to be a part of game design in some way. Kudos to its proprietor!

Speaking of great blogs, you can still check out all the Bytes that Rock! video game blog award nominees here. My feelings about the whole thing remain quite positive, as the nomination did bring a few extra eyes to this site over the past couple weeks. My stats always dip around the winter holidays (and that’s how it should be — get out and be merry, people!), so having a bit of a boost was quite nice. Many thanks to any one who lent their vote to these proceedings. Now we can all get back to our games.

And speaking of games, here’s a quick #Listmas rundown of the games that will be garnering my attention over my holiday break. (P. S. What the hell is #Listmas? If you don’t know by now then Murf Versus can answer that!)


1. Saints Row IV


Okay look, I know about the Saints Row games and their brand of quirky humor. I know that I probably should have started with one of the earlier games, but I didn’t. After something of a false start a few months back, I am now fully engrossed in Saint Row IV. I L-O-V-E it. I love everything about it — the utter madness of the gameplay, my customized POTUS with her bizarre French accent, the cast of wacky characters, the superheroics and the “motherfucking aliens” and the warped sensibilities. I’m near the end of my first playthrough, and I’m trying to convince myself to play an earlier Saints Row game after that, but I kind just want to start up a new game of SRIV with a new character.  I just don’t want it to end!


2. Rare Replay


As proof that I really shouldn’t pick up games at launch, I got Rare Replay hot off the presses, and now it remains quite cold. Not that I’ve not played it, but I’ve not gotten nearly as involved with the games on it as much as I’ve liked. I really need to change that.


3. Fallout 4


I should have played Fallout 3…I really should have. Everything about it was right up my alley! And I don’t have any good excuse as to why I didn’t. I’m going to try to make up for that terrible error with Fallout 4. I’ve been watching it being played on and off, and the more I watch, the more anxious I am to get going with it.


4. Yoshi’s Woolly World

Featured Image -- 8198

I know I balked a little about this game recently, but I’d still like to meet my one of my original goals of getting ALL the Yoshies in the game. I actually don’t have many more to go. Plus, playing that game makes me want to knit, which reminds me that I still have a number of Xmas gifts still yet to make. In the immortal words of Robin Hood..a.k.a. Cary Elwes, “We have much to do and less time to do it in!”


5. Chrono Trigger


Of course, Chrono Trigger! I’ll be plugging away at this one for awhile longer still.




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