What’s this? WHAT’S THIS??

As proof that I don’t clean out my email’s spam folder nearly as much as I should, I just discovered that my blog — this one right here that I’m typing on — has been nominated for an award. Like, legitimately.


Guys, I’m…flabbergasted.

That’s such a silly word — flabbergasted — but it’s the only word that totally encompasses how I feel. I’m not sure where the nomination came from, the site or an individual, but this is very cool and very humbling. I…it’s just… … … thank you. The recognition alone is a bit mind boggling (in a good way), especially when you consider the vast sea of game blogs that exist. I’m touched, really.

Ahhh…okay, whew. Before I type something else that’s totally mushy and potentially awkward, let’s get down to business, because apparently there’s voting to be done. The Bytes that Rock! Software Awards are handed out by the Rocky Bytes software analysis website, but before that happens, folks can go to the site to vote for their favorite nominees. (Making this whole thing even more amazing and weird is seeing my company in the game blog category — brilliant, dedicated, and inspirational writers that I’ve been following or are now following!) To cast your vote, click on the award image above, or head to the site at this link. Voting runs till December 8th. (It even looks like voters get a chance to win a little something too!)

Whatever the outcome, you guys rock! The other nominees, the voters, the site, and you, the game bloggers in this community. Thank you for the support — it makes this whole mess totally worthwhile. 🙂


  1. […] What’s This? WHAT’S THIS?? : Cary is one of my favourite bloggers and she regularly appears in these posts; but now she has also been nominated for a “Blog of the Year award” which her readers and fans can vote for her in. I ask you, if you have enjoyed any posts of hers that have appeared here to go vote for her. It is an award she is deserving of. She has my vote! […]


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