Surviving Against Fallout’s Strongest

Whether you’re new to the Fallout universe or just new to Fallout 4, Hatm0nster’s guide to battling some on that world’s most formidable enemies is not to be missed! He does an excellent job covering the details about how to survive in the Wasteland while not giving up all your precious resources. Head to the article here over on United We Game.


Fallout 4 is finally here! The time has finally come for us Vault Dwellers to step out into the Wasteland and take on everything it’s been waiting to throw at us. Of course, one can hardly expect to survive in the wasteland without first knowing how to successfully engage its more hostile denizens.  So, as a continuation of last week’s Fallout Primer for beginners, the following is a list of the most troublesome enemy types you’re likely to encounter in the Commonwealth, and how to survive such meetings. 

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