Four Years, Four Videos

Bonus post incoming!


As I’ve been mucking around more with my Elgato, I got it in my head that maybe a video or four would be a nice way to mark my four-year blogging anniversary, which is today! Four years ago, I began down an online path that has led to some wonderful places and has given me the opportunity to cross paths with some wonderful people. All I can say is thank you a thousand, million, gazillion times…THANK YOU!

Although, I did record various bits of me playing various games, so I guess I do have something else to say. I only wish those somethings had been more coherent and less crass. Really, I’m not that much of a potty-mouth in real life. But put me alone in the room with some games and apparently I’m Denis Leary. If nothing else, these exercises have gone a long way in showing me that I have plenty left to learn when it comes to doing commentary. I can either talk about the game or talk about something else. Trying to do both just leads to random grunt-cussing and way to many fragmented, unfinished sentences. For whatever it’s worth, may you find some glimmer of entertainment in my offerings. As I allude to a couple times, there may be more to come.  But enough blathering. Let the random gameplay celebration commence!


  1. Happy 4 years, Cary! 🙂 I love how we started our blogs around the same time. Looks to me we were meant to start our own personal ramblings and then through the vast and wide interwebs we met each other too! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Wishing you many more years of blogging, ranting, and general antics!

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    1. Haha, thanks so much! I love having you as a cohort on the blogosphere! It’s amazing the paths that these online forays can take in just a matter of years. There are certainly more good times to come. 😀

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