The Completionist Strikes Back

It’s one thing to beat a game. It’s another to fully *complete* it. And I don’t usually complete games to their fullest extents. (I came close with Mass Effect, but I’m not sure I ever got 100%.) By the time the credits roll in a game, no matter how “complete” it may be, I’m usually ready to move onto the next one. But every now and again a game comes along that challenges my lackadaisical nature. Currently, Yoshi’s Woolly World is that game. In this post I wrote for United We Game, I discussed how yarn skeins and a multitude of milti-colored Yoshies are challenging me to be more complete.


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: I am not a completionist. It’s true that I like to play a game till I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth, but rarely has that translated into garnering a game’s every last item/armor/achievement/trophy/quest/etc. With some games, like with Red Dead Redemption and South Park: The Stick of Truth, I’ll return to them every now and again to fetch a little extra something or finish a sidequest, but that has more to do with the enjoyment that comes from being in a particular game world than it does with completing it. Usually, by the time I finish with any given game’s main story, I’m ready to move onto the next game.

So why then and I utterly compelled to get ALL THE THINGS in Yoshi’s Woolly World?

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