Mission Chrono Trigger: Forest Stops and Frog’s Tales

No grand intro this time round as I made a decent amount of progress with Chrono Trigger this past month and have plenty to highlight. Too much to highlight, probably. But never mind that…on with the screenshots!

When I last left the gang (in this case, Crono, Marle, and Ayla instead of Robo), they had just begun the hunt for their missing gate key that had been stolen after a long night of partying and getting totally krunk on pork soup.  As they made their way through the crazy forests of 65,000,000 B. C., they discovered that Ayla’s oddly deceptive and jealous boyfriend Kino had taken the key…and then lost it to the Reptites, the primary antagonists of the region.

CT01 with Ayla
DO NOT make me open up a can of whoop-ass!

So it was off to fight through hoards of reptilian/prehistoric beasts of one sort or another, all just to get a damn key. (Well, to be fair, if there’s one thing in games that’s always behind lock and key it’s keys.) After a bit of forest wandering and treasure hunting, the team eventually reached the Reptite Lair, a short little dungeon that was full of Evilweevils and their holes, which sounds worse than it was.

CT02 evilweevil
“Evilweevil”… teehee. Eeeeevilweeeeevils! That amuses me greatly.

As it turned out, those Evilweevil holes led to not only the way out, but also to a few special items. So I spent some time exploring all the holes (shut up, you) in order to find all the hidden goodies. (There’s really no salvaging this, is there?) Eventually, one hole led to the climax progression, a few more treasures, and a meet-up with Azala, leader of the Reptites and current possessor of the gate key.

But as with many potential boss battles, the henchman had to be dealt with first. In this case, make that hench-monster, a formidable beast named Nizbel.

CT04 fighting Nizbel
Ayla, as strong as she was, was not very helpful during this fight. Crono’s Lightning eventually won the battle.

It took a couple tries to understand Nizbel’s fighting pattern, but Crono came out victorious. With that, Azala rolled over like a puppy dog and gave back the gate key.

CT05 Azala 1
The came, they saw, they kicked his ass!

Of course, like any good villain, he couldn’t resign without offering at least one threat.

CT06 azala 2
Oh Azala, you so silly. The key, please.

Having the gate key meant that everyone could now resume with all the time traveling. And since Crono had also gotten some Dreamstone, it was time to head back to present day (1000 A. D.) Medina Village to hit up Melchior to fix the broken Masamune.

CT07 mechoir and the dreamstone
For all the trouble it took to get the damn Dreamstone, it better be worth it…

With the Masamume all shiny and in one piece again, the next stop was obvious: Frog’s underground bunker. It took me a minute (or maybe a whole session) to remember where that was. I kept wanting to go to Guardia Forest, but no. He was still in the Cursed Woods of Truce Canyon. Once there, Frog perked up at having the restored Masamune.

CT08 Frog gets the masamune
Yeppers. Nice, eh?

But the returned Masamune also set off a series of intriguing flashbacks about Frog’s history.

Aside: I debated about whether or not to cover this part of the game in this post — “long” and “boring” came to mind. Because if you’re reading this, it’s likely that you already know about Frog’s past. If you don’t, then I didn’t want to totally spoil things. Only then I remembered that this whole series is spoilers, so moot point there. The fact that this game, an early JRPG as far as game history is concerned, covered one character’s background in such depth, really surprised me. And I came to the conclusion that it was worth writing about, even in fragmented detail (or screenshots), because it has to play into future (and past, haha) events in the game. In other words, here’s Frog’s story in my own picture-esque nutshell.

Frog was once a human named Glenn from Guardia. Glenn was a shy, meek kid who befriended a big, strong guy named Cyrus. One day Cyrus decided to join the Guardia army. He encouraged Glenn to join as well, but Glenn didn’t think he was cut out for the service. Instead, Glenn signed on as Cyrus’s squire, and the two adventured together. One such adventure involved retrieving The Hero’s Medal (so that’s there it came from!) from that dreaded malcontent, the Frog King.

CT09 Frog flashback1
Anything else to add to the the to-do list while I’m out?
CT10 Frog flashback2
Your first mistake is thinking that I can’t — I’M CYRUS, bitches!
CT11 Frog flashback3
“Polywog.” Lawl.
CT12 Frog flashback4
But you… I mean… Just give me the goddamn medal!

Later on, Cyrus and Glenn travel off to find the Masumune, which they need if they’re going to stand any chance of beating Magus to end his war with Guardia.  The duo get the mystical sword, find Magus, and face off with him (and goofy General Ozzie) in a battle to the death.

CT13 Frog flashback5
Is THAT the best trash talk you got?

And by “to the death,” I mean literally, as Magus kills Cyrus with his magic, destroying the Masamune during the process. Li’l ol’ Glenn, meanwhile, keeps to the sidelines and witnesses the death of his only friend. :'(.

CT14 Frog flashback6
I…I don’t think he’s coming back from that.

But the battle doesn’t end there. In his fueled rage, Glenn picked up the remnants of the Masamune and tries to attack Magus. Poor Glenn is simply too weak, and Magus laughs him off. At Ozzie’s off-handed behest, Magus turns Glenn into a frog. And not just a regular ol’ pond frog, but one like Kermit, who’s not a Muppet but can walk and talk…and remember

The end of this woeful tale brought everyone back to present day with Frog further lamenting, having apparently put everyone to sleep.

CT15 Frog back in present
Duuude, how long have you been talking…?

But remembering that he’s actually a rather valiant frog, err, human…no, frog when he wants to be, Frog pulled himself together and sought, with a renewed spirit, to face off once again with Magus, this time with the powerful Masamune in hand!

CT16 Frogs and Magus
Okay, let’s blow this popcorn stand!
CT17 haha lucca
I don’t even remember where this came in the conversation, but I love Lucca.

So with Frog rejoining the team (sorry Lucca), onward everyone went to locate Magus to beat him right in the face with the Masamune. I took a couple detours on the way, first. One was to Spekkio at the End of Time in order to have Frog learn magic. Water magic, certainly. And the other was to visit Crono’s mother (I always try to make a point in games like this to visit home occasionally — you never know what the folks have stored up!), which resulted in a very delightful visit thanks to Frog’s sense of self.

CT18 Frogs is the best
“Odd of figure! ” I want to be like Frog when I grow up.

With enough chit chat and random travel under my belt, it was time to head back to 600 A. D. to the Magic Cave. There Frog proceeded to use a bit of magic (on the “Magic” cave, fer sure), to get it to open.

CT20 go frog go
Not as streamlined as “abracadabra,” but it’ll work.

After making it through the cave, it was time for the big show.

CT21 at magus lair
He’s got quite the compound.
CT22 spooky magus
Really stellar, those graphics!

As is the way in all things RPG, plenty of obstacles lain between the good guys and the bad guys. Not only did Crono, Marle, and Frog have to find their way through the lair, but they also had to fight off minions and monsters, deal with deceptive and ghostly versions of friends and family, and then meet up with more mini-bosses. Ozzie made a sit-and-flit appearance, and then sent in others to do the dirty work — Slash, a mean guy with a sword, and Flea, a powerful magician.

CT23 meeting ozzie
Now, don’t be a di…aww, who am I kidding, you dick.
CT24 defeating Slash
Slash, consider yourself… slashed! Hahahaha, ha…ha…
CT29 fighting flea
Flea. Totally sparkly and totally deadly.

With the henchmen disposed of, was it then finally time to beat Ozzie at his own game…?

CT30 back with ozzie
Aw, you sweet talker, you!

Actually, I don’t know yet. Right now, I’m in the midst of chasing Ozzie through a series of rooms with traps in them. Each time the group gets close to him, he scurries into the next room. I mean, a battle has to be imminent, right?

CT32 current progress
12 hours in and things are looking up!

I’m quite excited to see what happens next. Because if a battle with Ozzie happens, then the only person left to defeat is Magus. And I’ve heard sooooo much about that evil, stupid-face Magus that it only makes sense to have a one-on-one sometime soon. Whatever happens will have to wait until next month’s MCT post!

P. S. If I haven’t said it outright before, I am really enjoying this game. I think I need more games like this in my life.



    • I love it when a game takes time to really shed light on a great character’s backstory. And Frog’s was told so simply, too — wonderful storytelling there.

      I feel like I’m getting into the meat of the game and also missing out on stuff by sticking close to the main story. Not sure. It’s a little hard to tell if or when is a good time to do a little extra exploring.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Things are certainly ramping up, aren’t they? I love that exchange between Crono’s mum and Frog, I didn’t return home once during my game so I never came across that. Great touch, and a wonderful example of the attention to detail that went into this game. Can’t wait for next month’s post!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m slowly discovering that it’s the details in this game that set it apart from your standard adventuring game. The occasional cheekiness and spurts of oddly aware dialogue are truly entertaining, and they give the game its own personality. It really make me question all the “serious hero” speak that seems to permeate most adventure games these days. Some of the dialogue in CT is silly, but at least it’s not so contrived to the point of being farcical.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Oh man, the first PC I ever owned (on my own) had Windows 3.1! It worked fine and was very stable, but I’m pretty sure that Windows 95 was out by then, so I was waaaay behind in all things. Never got into AOL or AIM though — my poor little PC would have had a conniption at the mere thought.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t mean to make fun of Ozzie, but he has some really fun “villain” dialogue, and his sprite makes me laugh. I look forward to taking him on, though I will miss him.Because I HAVE to beat him, obviously. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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