Join me on United We Game’s YouTube channel!

I’m pretty sure that the secret is out by now: I like video games. I’ve been playing video games on and off now for most of my life, and they remain a singular thread that has bound my world together and continues to prevent my life from disintegrating into a hapless blob. First, I demonstrated this passion through words.  Then, recently, I took the strange plunge into video-making.  Well, furthering this last step of whatever evolutionary chain this is, I have fallen headlong into video production. At least a little bit. And not for my own channel (though thoughts of what to do there are still percolating), but rather for United We Game’s YouTube channel!

On the channel now you’ll find some excellent work by UWG admin The Duck of Indeed, including a playthrough on Fragile Dreams and current Let’s Plays of Rayman Origins and Donkey Kong Country. Hatm0nster, another UWG cohort, posted a great intro video to Transistor, who is ton o’ fun to watch. And now (with many !triumphant flourishes!) I’ve joined the channel with a series called “Nostalgic Notions!”

“Nostalgic Notions” is all about gaming old school-style, and I’m kicking it off with a set of eight videos, posted weekly every Tuesday, featuring games from the Activision Anthology for the PlayStation 2. The first two videos feature the games Atlantis and Beamrider, and fuck if they don’t prove that I’ve become one hell of a spoiled gamer, what with current games offering checkpoints and infinite lives and easy modes. Old games made you work goddamn hard to prove your worthiness! And oh…how I do not know know if I am worthy anymore. (sad face)

Despite me questioning my self-worth, revisiting these titles and remembering what games used to be like has been, and will continue to be loads of fun. And after I’ve completed this run of episodes, I have other series planned, and hope to run them in rotations eventually.

But that’s getting a little ahead of things. Really what I’m doing here is asking, politely and with all the charm I can muster, to please subscribe to UWG’s YouTube channel. The channel has been steadily growing since the summer, and we need your help to build it even more. You know the drill about subscribing to things by now, and I know you know how to like and comment on things too. And you don’t have to subscribe to UWG’s YouTube channel for me or The Duck or Hatm0nster. Do it for the video games. Do it because you love games as much as we do…and maybe because you want to see us succeed at the games we like to play…or maybe because you like to watch players gnash their teeth in frustration as they try really, really hard not to curse up a storm. Whatever turns you on…it doesn’t matter. We’re there for you, the brilliant real life people of the Internet, with what we love to do most: PLAY GAMES. The subscriptions and interactions will help keep us motivated in all the right ways. Things like this start with passion and they continue with support, so please, give UWG’s YouTube channel a chance by subscribing and offering up likes and comments. Because it’s the right thing to do.

And also, I’ll adore you…forever.




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