Just when I thought it might be time to turn in the Wii U…

I can’t say that I’ve done my best to formulate a decent relationship with my Wii U. In fact, It’s likely become the most ignored console in my history of ignoring consoles. But I’m hoping to change that. Though I’ve not followed through on my desire to get Super Mario Maker, there’s still time this year to see things through with other great titles. I recently hashed out these and more Wii U thoughts over on United We Game.


Image by Flickr user wiiu-spiele.com (CC)Image by Flickr user wiiu-spiele.com (CC)

My relationship with the Wii U has been complicated from the start. When it was first announced, I was confused. When it was first released, I was curious. When its commercials saturated my vision, I was frustrated. When its games trickled out, I was bored, except when it came to Super Mario 3D World, and then I was happy. When I finally got one, I was overjoyed. When I realized it had been sitting on the shelf unused for months, I was upset. And as I am a realist, in the recent past I seriously considered that my days with the Wii U were over.

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    • It’s staying put. But thinking about playing another Xenoblade game still makes my heart flutter, and not in a good way. Think it’s gonna be awhile before I’m ready.

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