Happy 30th Birthday to Super Mario Bros.!

It’s only more than slightly terrifying to think that Super Mario Bros. turns 30 this month. For one, WHY THE HELL DOES TIME FLY SO DAMN FAST?! And two, of all the game characters that have been created throughout the history of gaming, Mario is one of the few who has survived. He has ridden the perpetually shifting waves of game-dom with nothing but success. In honor of all that Mario(‘s creators) has accomplished, I wrote up this series of lines and rhymes for United We Game. I can think of no better character to prove how united we all are in games.


Image by Flickr user Dan Tentler (CC)Image by Flickr user Dan Tentler (CC)

September 13, 1985, was a great day.

Upon it a plumber appeared without delay.

Perilous was his journey to save his one true love, Peach.

Easily, though, he stomped goombas and koopas each.

Rage quitting the game was common, it’s true. But

Many a gamer still sought to come through. And

Awaiting Mario at the end of each stage,

Remained a castle that induced happiness and rage. For

In it was not Princess Peach; she was gone.

Onward to another castle where she was held in bond.

Bummed though the plumber may have been at this plight,

Rapidly he moved to the next world with delight.

Only by surviving eight worlds would he again hold

The light of his life, the princess, we’re told.

He didn’t give up and he never gave in,

Either to Bowser or his fake kingpin.

Rewards met his…

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