Mission Chrono Trigger: Moving fast, playing faster

Writing my last Mission Chrono Trigger post made me realize that was going to take me lifetime to get through the game if I didn’t get my ass in gear with it soon. But I knew life was not going to let me magically progress at a rapid yet attentive pace, for August was to be filled with all manner of time-consuming activities, from working on the house to attending to family. And yet, somehow, in and among all the chaos, the grand gaming gods saw fit to grant me a couple of mostly free days. Though my plate remained heavy with plenty of games with which I was in the midst of progression, I utilized that time to get the fuck on with Chrono Trigger. And all was, and is, good.

Not sure why I went the heavy-handed route with the opening here, but there it is. And here I am blazing through Chrono Trigger as fast as my fingers will allow. I did manage to make some very good progress since my last post, getting through several different levels in individual sittings rather than just parts. I’m now eight hours in. I know things will slow down slightly this month, but they’ll likely pick back up once the fall season really gets going. Once a chill hits the air, it’s time for less labor and more nesting, and hence, more gaming. At least that’s how I hope it will go.

In the meantime, let’s pick up here at the End of Time with everyone learning magic and messing with Spekkio.

Gotcha, haha!
Gotcha, haha!

After enough silliness with Spekkio, I got on with life and went to Medina Village, 1000 AD, because the old man at the End of Time told me so. And the time lords saw fit to spit my rag tag band (Crono, Marle, and Lucca [sorry Robo]), into a house run by the little monsters — Mystics — that had traumatized Crono in his own time. Further exploration revealed a world completely run by monsters, all of whom really, really, really liked Magus, and really, really, really hated humans. So…great.

Idol worship...it's a thing.
Idol worship…it’s a thing.
Hmmm....too bad that, huh?
Hmmm….that would be 600 AD, right?

Onward from the village, I traveled to Heckran cave and sped through, fighting enemies and finding items, until I met up with the cave’s namesake: the one and only Heckran. His was a tough battle for me that required several do-overs, but I eventually reigned supreme.

So you're saying that 600 AD is a damn important year?
So you’re saying that 600 AD is an important year?

After Heckran was dead and gone, another gate opened, only it wasn’t a gate but a pool of water, which is exactly like a time traveling gate. And when given the option to jump in, I rightly did so. And we all ended up at…

Lucca’s house! Ain’t that just damn skippy!

Home sweet home...sorta.
Home sweet home…sorta.

Yup, the pool from Heckran Cave opened a vortex in Crono’s own time. It was nice to visit home again — Crono visited Lucca’s father and we all traveled around home base for awhile.

This sounds suspiciously like an item drop...
This sounds suspiciously like an item drop…

It was a short visit, for once I rounded back the Millennial Fair, I hoped into the time gate that was a’waitin’. We all headed back to the End of Time, where another gate had opened. And wouldn’t you just know it, it led to Truce Canyon in 600 AD! (Seriously, I’m amazed at (1) how much the game leads you from one destination to the next and (2) that I’ve been decently able to pick up on all the blatant hints…so far, anyway. There’s still a lot of game and a lot of time for aimless flailing left.)

Once at Truce Canyon, there weren’t a whole lot of travel options, save for a castle (Guardia Castle) and a bridge (Zenan Bridge). I opted to go to the castle first, because if there’s something to be going on, it’ll likely be going on at a castle.  Though there wasn’t much going on there at all.  After some wandering, I stumbled upon a chef who wasn’t in the mood for small talk, so I didn’t bother sticking around. Only, when I went to leave, he apparently had a change of heart and gave me some items, including jerky. Well, okay then. I was done with the castle and headed for the bridge.

Had I known that Zenan Bridge was the place for all the action, I probably would have gone there first. Guarding the bridge was a group of soldiers fighting Magus’s army. Cool! Could Crono join in? Turned out, no, nobody wanted to do anything because they were too hungry. But, I have some jerky, Crono cried! And he bestowed said dried meat stuff upon the army and ye, it was good. With the troops no longer starving, it was time for some fighting as Crono and team made its way across the bridge. This is where I met Ozzie, Magus’s general…a general grump, amirite?! No really, he was not happy to see Crono. But with every challenge he issued, he ran away, and we just ended up fighting a bunch of skeleton guys with spears.

Chrono Trigger-83
No, and in fact, you won’t do a damn thing, you cheesy coward!

As with any series of fights that grow in difficulty, meeting up with a boss was inevitable. In this case, it was Zombor, the biggest, baddest, flight-capable skeleton in all the lands! And he turned out to be rather tricky. In fighting his upper and lower halves, each half was either damaged or healed by certain magic attacks. It took me a couple rounds to figure out what was what, but Zombor fell soon enough.


Chrono Trigger-87
The calm before the storm.

After defeating Zombor (and wondering where the hell Ozzie ended up?!) the bridge was made secure, so we went off to explore the southern part of the Truce Canyon map. I spent a very nice time in Dorino Village, talking to its residents and gathering what I could only guess was useful quest information.

Chrono Trigger-90
…and they aren’t part of a rock band?
Chrono Trigger-92
This was one of those eureka moments. I had heard of the Masamune before, but didn’t know it was attached to this game. Game trivia achievement unlocked!
Chrono Trigger-95
Rainbow shell…chief…small island…got it.

After enough dicking around with the villages of Truce Canyon, it was time to head to another destination that had caught my eye: Denadoro Mountains. We did some climbing, some fighting, and then, some resting, for this is where I currently remain.

Chrono Trigger-99
It’s three against one, sucka!
Chrono Trigger-101
Does this mean Frog will be back?

In addition to the possibility of meeting Frog again (ohpleaseohpleaseohplease), I’m guessing that the famed sword, the Masamune, is somewhere in the Denadoros. That would be very cool. But if not, well…something special better happen because I ain’t climbing these mountains for nothin’! While I spend time pondering my fate, THANK YOU for reading this installment of Mission Chrono Trigger. I bet the next one will be even more exciting.. I just bet it will!



  1. […] Last time on Mission Chrono Trigger, I was shivering in anticipation of Frog’s return. How cool it was to think that he might be back on the team! And I was all like YAY! and stuff. But before finding the illustrious aquatic wonder, I had to make my way through the Denadoro Mountains in order to find the Masamune…hopefully. I mean, people had mentioned it and the mountains, so what else could be assumed? And sure enough, after going up and down and all around those mountains, and encountering more than a few oddball enemies, I finally hit the jackpot. […]


  2. Glad to see you were able to return to Chrono Trigger! This is about the point where the game starts picking up steam. The next installment should be quite fun indeed! (That rainbow shell reference is important for finding a good secret later, btw)

    Liked by 1 person

    • So maybe I’ve been keeping notes about the game’s little references here and there, just so I remember them when they turn back up, and the rainbow shell may just be on the list. (Though I will admit that I’ve not been going out of my way to find secrets.) But, you’re right that it does seem like the game is starting to kick into high gear. I cannot wait to see what happens next for Crono!


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