The Trials of Gameplay Recording

A few weeks ago, United We Game’s YouTube channel entered into the realm of the watch-able and the subscribe-able, thanks in large part to The Duck of Indeed. Yes, this intrepid UWGer has been filling up the channel with all sorts of gaming goodness, from the strangeness of Fragile Dreams to the wackiness of Rayman Origins. (Check out it when you can, subscribe and all that pleaseandthankyou!) But, as many of us know, the road to creating gameplay content for the Internet isn’t always paved with gold and useful instructions. In response, The Duck offered up this wonderful, plain English post about game capturing and using the Live Gamer Portable. If you’re thinking about getting an LGP, want to start your own gameplay videos, or are just curious about gameplay recording in general, I highly recommend that you click on!


For the longest time, I have wished to record my gameplay, but it always seemed like too complex a process, and years passed without any progress being made in the matter.  No, I thought, I shan’t ever get to record my gaming prowess because I’m just not fancy enough to set up all that technical mumbo jumbo.  Nevertheless, there were times I would defeat a boss with 1 unit of health left or complete a challenge with less than a second to spare, and I would think to myself, I really need to record this kind of stuff and share it with the world.  So many missed moments, where I basked in the glory of a seemingly impossible victory.  With no one to share it with.

And then, not too long ago, Hatm0nster told me about a simple device one could use to record gameplay.  It’s the Avermedia Live Gamer…

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