Console Gaming May Not be the Best Option Anymore

This week I’m sharing a UWG article from my fellow admin Hatm0nster, because he addresses a gaming issue that’s not uncommon these days: console vs. PC gaming. And it’s not a matter of either or, it’s more a question of acceptance. As a mostly console player myself who recently turned back to PC gaming (if not full force), I’ve come to see the value of having a gaming PC as a viable addition to anyone’s gaming setup. And frankly, with as headache-y as both the Xbox One and PS4 can be, I can also see the value in only playing games on PC. But when one has only ever played games on console, making this leap is a bit tougher. If you’ve recently found yourself on this fence, I highly encourage you to check out Hatm0nster’s article and leave your own thoughts.


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I’ve been player of home consoles for my entire life as a gamer. It used to be that I would steadfastly tout the superiority of my favorite consoles over the PC, even in the face of growing evidence to the contrary. I’m even still considering potentially picking up an Xbox One in order to play the likes of Halo 5 and Tomb Raider. I had an incredible time with the consoles of the past, and am very happy with PS4 now. It’s been an absolute blast. However, more and more often now I find my gaze wandering to the land of PC gaming. With everything PCs have to offer these days, I can’t help but wonder if remaining a primarily console-based gamer is the best way to continue.

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  1. I dabble with PC gaming, but I much prefer consoles. Not having to worry about hardware issues is why I will always favor consoles. I also am a big fan of JRPGs, which are mostly exclusive to Sony machines and Nintendo handhelds.

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    1. Yeah, it’s one option, but it’s not the *only* option. You’re right, and I hadn’t really considered that before, but you’re not going to find many JRPGs on PC. I guess you could argue that’s not the case of you want to run emulators on PC, but that’s not the same thing as the real deal.

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