If Happiness is a Battle System, then Xenoblade Chronicles Makes Me Smile

There are no two ways about it — since finishing DA: Inquisition, I’ve been OD’ing on Xenoblade Chronicles. At this point, it’s like heroin: the immediate and thrilling high of playing it far outweighs its later consequences. Recently on United We Game, I discussed one of the game’s most addictive aspects: its usual and wonderful battle system. Auto-attack, unique and easy to access abilities, and a brilliant cast of teammates are all I want from any game now.


Image by cary. It's mine, I tells ya! MINE! Image by cary. It’s mine, I tells ya! ALL MINE!

Though I might have conked out on my self-promise to complete Metroid Prime, I haven’t given up on a number of other challenges that persist in my backlog, one of which is finishing Xenoblade Chronicles. Long story short, back in 2013, I started Xenoblade Chronicles, only to give it up after realizing just how long it was. At 60+ hours just to beat the main story (and 100+ to complete everything), I simply didn’t have that kind of time to devote to a single game. This past February, a copy of the game wormed its way back into my life, and I couldn’t turn it away this time. I picked the game back up, right at my last save point from two years ago, a mere five hours into the game. I’m now just over 40 hours…

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