Fifteen Songs (This is becoming a habit.)

(And a habit it will likely remain, it seems.)

For the past couple years, I’ve offered up at some point a play on what was once (and probably still is) a social media-driven, musical tag game. Put your iPod on shuffle, list the first fifteen songs that appear, tag fifteen friends. Last year, this post appeared around Labor Day. The year before that, it was at the same time as it is now, around Independence Day. As I’m currently unable to focus on any one task for more than a few seconds (except with Dragon Age: Inquisition — the end is near, I can soooo feel it!), it only seems right that I should make this into a official thing, because, right now, writing about songs is nearly the only thing my feeble brain can handle. So here we go with the shuffling iPod and another personal peek into the strange place that is my musical psyche. As always, I’ll put the first five songs from the list on blast and provide links to the rest at the end. Click away!

1. the prince

A great track — fast and loud with plenty of bass. I’m wasn’t at all familiar with Diamond Head (the original artist of this song) before hearing this version, and I’m still not. Not really anyway. But I am familiar with Metallica, proof of which is touted in many, many paragraphs here.


2. mamma mia

In no certain terms, I think I’ve written a little bit here and there about my history with ABBA. This was probably the very first pop band I ever came in contact with thanks to a couple ABBA cassettes my parents owned. For better or worse, listening to them at an early age forever affected my musical tendencies, for I today I cannot resist a disco beat. For many of my formative years, however, I shied away from ABBA and everything they stood for — kids had little trouble making fun of me as it was. Once freed from the shackles of high school foolery, I took in the members of ABBA again. Their greatest hits album Gold is still a damn fine pop album by any standard.


3. looking for a kiss

“L.U.V.,” haha.

I can’t claim that early glam rock takes up much of my listening time, which is a shame, because plenty of it is wonderful, straight-up rock, without all the Tom Petty thoughtfulness and with, maybe, a few more drugs. Well…um…never mind, because the New York Dolls.  That’s the point here, and they’re totally on point with this classic. Plus, David Johansen pre-Buster Poindexter? AWE-SUM.


4. its so hard

I have a couple Donnas albums on my iPod, and Gold Medal is by far the most “produced.” Their previous output had quite a raucous, silly Ramones feel, while Gold Medal sounds much more mainstream, and “It’s So Hard” is a good example of that. Not that it’s not a quality song made by some quality women, but they sound so…grown up. I guess we all have to grow up at some point. Too bad, really. I mean, had this been a song from earlier in their career, I’m pretty sure “It’s So Hard” would have taken on a much different meaning. (Oh, shut up…I know you’re thinking it too.)

5. nepalese bliss

I love a great chillout jam, and “Nepalese Bliss” hit the mark on that count. Xen Cuts is a tumultuously brilliant compilation from Ninja Tune — not to be missed if you’re into turntabalism, sampling, and mad instrumental beats, or just good, decent music that doesn’t require a ton of brainpower to enjoy.


And here are songs six through fifteen:

6. I Want You Around – The Ramones
7. Music Reach 1/2/3/4 – The Prodigy
8. Immortal – Kittie
9. R.A.M.O.N.E.S. – The Ramones
10. Remember His Name – Jurassic 5
11. Fill in the Blank – Jimmie’s Chicken Shack
12. Qui-Gon’s Noble End (Star Wars, Episode 1) – London Symphony Orchestra
13. I Hate Today – Godhead
14. Alas for You – Godspell (motion picture soundtrack)
15. Painting – Atmosphere

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful July 4th in whatever capacity was allowed to you!

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