Setting Paths and Changing Outcomes in RPGs

Gaming isn’t the only hobby that’s taken a hit in my adult life, but the way I play games, especially RPGs, has fundamentally changed over the past decade. No longer do I have the time to stroll through a huge story with multiple customized characters, collecting and discovering and squeezing every bit of goodness out of a game’s every nook and cranny. Nowadays, I tend towards taking a single path in a game and changing the outcome when needed, rather than sticking to choices with the knowledge that I’ll be able to take another path with another character. This journey towards RPGing with limits is something I explored recently on United We Game.


Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshot by Flicker user Mark Molea (CC) Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshot by Flickr user Mark Molea (CC)

Recently, a number of our posts here have focused, in ways directly or indirectly, on challenges associated with being adult gamers. As much as we might not like to admit it, as we grow older, our gaming habits change, sometimes by choice, often by necessity. Demanding jobs, growing families, and surmounting financial concerns all eat away at free time that we may have once had to devote to games. In my gaming life, the requirements of the real world have especially impacted one of my gaming habits in particular, that of playing through a single game with multiple characters and having each follow a distinct path.

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