And the poll goes on…for ONE. MORE. DAY!

When I said I’d post the results of my next game project poll today, I don’t know what I was thinking. Today, I am only a figment of your imagination, for in these here United States, it is Memorial Day, a federally-mandated holiday in remembrance of all things military and celebrating, for the sake of summer get-a-ways everywhere, the “unofficial start of summer.” For some reason, I had in my mind that Memorial Day was next week, and it wasn’t until my inbox started filling with invites to this, that, and the other that I realized I had wrongly imagined several non-existent days and added them to my internal calendar.

Le sigh.

So while I’m not really here, I’m glad you are, because it means you can add a vote to my gaming poll, for which you have my deepest and most sincere thanks. The results will be made known tomorrow. (That’s Tuesday, May 26th for those keeping score.) Because I’m so nice, I’m giving you here two ways to access the poll. You can either head to my original post by clicking → this link ← and scrolling down the page to the poll. Or if that’s just too much work (and I know it is, especially since it’s a holiday for some of us), here’s the same poll, all ready and waiting.

Hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend, or your Monday, wherever you are. 🙂


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