Mission [JRPG]: Your Vote Counts!

When we met last Monday, I announced that I’d be starting a new gaming project: playing through a 1990s JRPG for the SNES. As I’ve been wanting to play Chrono Trigger for some time now, I initially thought I’d just pick it for the project and move on. But no, I thought, the community was so supportive in helping me with some initial decisions for my last project, Project 151, that I knew I had to turn to all you good people again.

Only then, Chrono Trigger got tons o’ love in comments on last week’s post, and I almost reconsidered.


Based on what I’ve come to know of Chrono Trigger over the years, I know it’s a game I simply have to play, for this mission or not. And the more I looked into CT, the more I realized just how many great JRPGs (for the SNES) I had overlooked. And with that, I decided to stick to my plan and poll the community. If CT wins out, then it was meant to be. If not, then think of the poll below as something like my own short list games-to-play-before-I-die, or something.

So, the plan is this. I’ve placed six possible games, some of which I know fit my criteria (accessible, short play sessions) better than others, in the poll below, which I’ll leave open for two weeks. During that time, the results will be kept hidden (whee!), but you can vote as many times as you’d like for whatever game you’d like to see me play and write about in monthly posts on this here blog. Any and all thoughts on the choices are welcome in the comment section, as are recommendations for other unmissable (or avoid at all costs) JRPGs. I’ll post the results and the winner on May 25th. A quadzillion thanks (which is a whole helluva lot) in advance for your votes, comment, and support!


  1. I haven’t completed any of the listed games, but I hear that Chrono Trigger and Earthbound are very good.


  2. I remember having fun with Breath of Fire, but I don’t think it has held up all that well. It doesn’t put a unique spin on the JRPG formula that would make it stand out from its contemporaries – at least not from a gameplay standpoint.

    Chrono Trigger was a big hit when it came out and I’d say that the praise well-deserved. As I said, it’s one of those works that lives up to the legend which surrounds it.

    Earthbound was sort of the opposite. It flopped when it was released, and it wasn’t until later that it gained a cult following that persists to this day. Cult classics tend to be hit-or-miss with me; sometimes I find an under-appreciated gem (e.g. Planescape: Torment, Lufia II, Live A Live, 999, and Dragon Quest V) while other times, I’m left severely disappointed (e.g. System Shock 2 and Mother 3). Rest assured, Earthbound very much falls in the former category. It may not have had much commercial impact, but these days, it’s rightly considered one of the best games of the nineties.

    In short, between the choices on that list, it’s very close between Chrono Trigger and Earthbound. You honestly can’t go wrong with either of them (one could make a good case for Lufia II as well).

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    • Much obliged for your notes here! I had only vaguely heard of Breath of Fire when I came up with this project. Reading about it and watching short demos didn’t do much to attract my attention. But as something as a dead series now-a-days, I figured it might be worth checking out just because. Plus, I don’t know that I’m all that familiar with Capcom’s offerings in the RPG realm.

      Earthbound only hit my radar recently. I actually had no idea it was an RPG! (In my head, I pictured it as, like, an action platformer or something.) Everything I’ve come to learn about it makes me think that’d I’d have a grand time with it, for sure.

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      • That’s the interesting thing about Capcom, isn’t it? They’ve dabbled in many different genres over the years. However, it seems like their design philosophy largely consists of throwing stuff at the wall while hoping that something sticks. Consequently, their best games tend to feel like happy accidents. I like to think of Capcom as the polar opposite of Valve because the latter company rarely releases games, but when they do, they’re almost always of superb quality.

        Funnily enough, even though the Mother series as a whole has quite the following on the internet, the only one I was truly impressed with was Earthbound (a.k.a. Mother 2). Though what a classic it is. No description could do it justice; the only way to experience it is to play it for yourself. Luckily, it was released on the Virtual Console, making it readily available to the public once more.

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  3. Secret of Mana has to be 🙂 I loved this classic, have you anyone to play along with as back in the day I had great fun with my girlfriend’s brother playing through this! But I never played Chrono Trigger so would love to see that too…

    Xenogears is the one classic JRPG I still dream of finding the time to play through…one day I may even do a retro gaming post series about it!

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