Want the Perfect Iced Coffee? Try Cold-Brewing.

I like coffee. A lot. Too much probably. And I certainly enjoy coffee while I’m gaming. (I’d say that’s because it helps keep me alert, however it’s more because it makes me get up every once in awhile *wink wink nudge nudge*.) Come the warmer moments of spring, my thoughts turn from a warm, rich brew to a cold, tasty beverage. Until the chill comes back to haunt us, iced coffee will be my preferred coffee. So here’s a recipe for great iced coffee using a cold brewing method that I recently shared on 8bit Kitchen.

Have a favorite iced coffee recipe of your own? Let me know! And be sure to check out the comments at the end of the article for more great iced coffee suggestions.

8bit Kitchen


In my neck of the sorta-northern U. S. woods, it’s common to see the flip flops come out when the outside thermometer reaches 60 degrees. While I don’t follow this particular footwear routine, I do have a similar mantra concerning weather and coffee: “60 degrees means iced coffee!”

But the thing about iced coffee, as obtained from a proper coffee establishment, is that it’s expensive. Maybe I’m overly thrifty, but having to pay up to a dollar more to have someone add ice to a cup of coffee is perplexing. So over the years I’ve tried to make my own…without much success. I tried brewing my normal coffee, letting it cool, and adding ice, but that never cut it. The coffee always ended up tasting weak and watered down. I tried brewing exceptionally strong coffee – espresso and French roasts. The results were better, but since I’m not a…

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