Six Favorite Gaming Secrets…Or Maybe Five?

For United We Game‘s April writing challenge, I offered up this post which contains several real games secrets and one I made up. Maybe I could have worked harder at fooling everyone (all you smarty pants know your games, haha!), but it was fun making the sly attempt at trickery. Still, the secrets I listed remain some of my all-time favorites. Speaking of which, I could really go for some super-ultra-fast Street Fighter II Turbo right about now!


Image by Flickr user  Jason Devaun (CC)Image by Flickr user Jason Devaun (CC)

All month long, United We Game is celebrating secrets, hoaxes, and trickery in games with a new writing challenge. Click here for the details and join in the fun!

I’m not much of an artist when it comes to discovering secrets in games. While it seems that some players are imbued with a magical honing beacon that guides them towards easter egg after easter egg, for me, the act of finding secrets has mostly been the equivalent of blindly stumbling around in the dark hoping that I don’t impale myself on something sharp. I don’t necessarily go searching for secrets in games, so happening upon a secret something-or-other is a pretty special feat. Over the years I’ve run into a fair share of extraordinary moments where I feel like Indiana Jones grabbing that golden idol. And the giant rolling boulder of…

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  1. I’m not much of a player. I never learn what buttons do, sometimes I just get lucky, mostly I just get frustrated. Forget about secrets!


    • Hey, I’ve been playing games for years, and sometimes I can’t remember what the damn buttons do either! 🙂 And rarely do I ever go looking for secrets on purpose — mostly just stmble across them. Eh, to each his own, right?


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