I Ate This: Old El Paso Bold Nacho Cheese Stand ‘N Stuff Taco Shells

If you’ve spent any time in a grocery store, you know that gimmicky food fills aisle after aisle, from bubblegum-flavored yogurt to wasabi-spiced mayonnaise. But every now and again, a gimmick comes along that catches both your attention and taste buds. Case in point: nacho cheese taco shells.

First popularized by Taco Bell and its Doritos Locos Tacos, nacho cheese taco shells are now available to the masses thanks to that grocery store staple of the “ethnic foods” aisle, Old El Paso. If you can get past the lengthy name, Old El Paso’s Nacho Cheese Stand ‘N Stuff Taco Shells sound okay, but are they worth their weight in cheesy gold? Check out this review of them I did for 8bit Kitchen to find out!

8bit Kitchen

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the nacho cheese (a la Doritos) taco shell is a staple at most Taco Bells, yes? I don’t frequent the joint, but after all the fuss that surrounded the introduction of such creations a few years ago, I imagine it became a menu standard. But if it’s not a thing at your Taco Bell, then you might want to head to your grocery store, because there you may be able to pick up this product with a loooong name: Old El Paso Bold Nacho Cheese Stand ‘N Stuff Taco Shells.

NEW! and BOLD — what could be wrong with that?

When Taco Hell Bell introduced the Doritos Locos taco, we had to head to the nearest establishment to scoop up a couple. While I did not indulge in them, I was assured by my husband that they were quite delicious. After the…

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