Special Item Set Achieved! Ceramic Cutlery

I try not to get too overly excited about things in life. Great video games can be letdowns, great movies can suck balls, great clothing can tear, shrink, and warp. But sometimes something finds its way into my life that truly makes me squee! with joy. A recent example of this was when I received a beautiful set of ceramic knives for Christmas. I’d been lusting after ceramic knives for some time before receiving the lovely gift, and seeing them in all their glory, now in my possession, made me very jolly indeed. If you’ve been wantonly desiring ceramic knives, or have stories of your own concerning them to share, check out my semi-review of my happy, new ceramic cutlery set on 8bit Kitchen.

8bit Kitchen

You know that special item set in a game that you’ve been dying to get for 100+ hours but just haven’t attained for one reason or another? Like, you know from the start that having said items is going to make your life a million times easier, yet the act of obtaining the set just ends up on the backburner of tasks? That’s how it’s been with me and ceramic knives…in real life. (Though, really, ceramic knives ought to be in any dual-wielding rogue’s stash because of their awesomeness!)

It had to be some dozen years ago that I saw my first ceramic knife – used by a chef on television. (Granted they had been around for a while, but it wasn’t exactly like I had been following kitchen knife trends.)  Watching the smooth, white blade in action was fascinating and foreign, and I just had to know more. And…

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