My personal plea to those in the game industry

I write…a lot…and it’s only natural that some writings, over time, become less memorable than others. But this article I wrote for United We Game, though nearly two years old, still lives fresh in mind, because the issue of lost records is something I face nearly every day in my work. I believe that the game industry is producing some of the most fascinating technology-related records of today’s society, and it’d be a shame to lose all that valuable work that could inform and lead future developers to either a shredder or a “delete” button. Therefore, my plea to the industry remains strong: Save your records!


Image by david_s_carter: Image by david_s_carter:

(Above: Photo of exhibit at the Computer and Video Game Archive, Duderstadt Center, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.)

Save your records.

And no, I don’t mean those things that go on turntables and produce sounds — I mean your records. The paper and digital content you produce every day. The documentation of your work, your games, and your company. Your records.

Okay, before you think I’ve totally lost my mind, give me a moment to explain. I blog because I love it, but in real life, I’m paid to be an archivist  — someone who manages and makes accessible inactive collections of paper and digital records from various individuals and organizations for use by researchers, students, genealogists, etc. On occasion, I talk with these researchers to help them find items either in our collections or other collections in local institutions. Just…

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