Relistmas 2014!

With 2014 becoming a mere glint in our minds’ eye, let’s not forget that last month the blogosphere celebrated Listmas! Although the format was changed slightly from the previous year, the results were no less than spectacular. Over on United We Game, a mere 12 days ago, we celebrated everyone’s contributions to #Listmas2014 in a grand post full of grand links, which you can link to below. Shout outs here to everyone who took time to write a list or feature the event on their sites. I’m already looking forward to Listmas 2015!

Bio Break
Cannot Be Tamed
Gamer Crash
Geek Force Network
Hack “N” Slash
Healing the Masses
Herding Cats
Life As A Digital Salad
Me vs. Myself and I
MMO Gypsy
Murf Versus
The Rhodes Review
Why I Game


Image from Flickr User: Momou crochet Image from Flickr User: Momou crochet

Greetings, everyone, we had a great Listmas this year, and now it’s time for the master list!  Yes, dear readers, it’s Relistmas Day, one of the jolliest days of the year, where we will get to behold a mighty list to end all lists, a list of all the Listmas posts published this year (if I missed any, feel free to let me know so I can add it).  I hear it’s very useful for checking out any Listmas posts you might have missed….  Hint hint.  Anyway, merry Listmas, everyone!

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