Three years in and there’s no stopping this train now! (Though it might have to slow down a little…)

Fireworks over Syndey has nothing to do with this anniversary. I just thought it was a cool picture.
Fireworks over Syndey has nothing to do with this anniversary. I just thought it was a cool picture.

Let’s see…if the two’s are “terrible,” then what are the three’s? Tumultuous? Terrifying? Tormented? Maybe a little of each as I write this with a touch of bittersweet that tugs at my words. Because folks, it has been one hell of a year.

Or maybe you were too busy to notice, because I sure was. Like, wasn’t I just thinking about new ways to spice up my blog, and here we are suddenly in November and I’ve no clue as to how I got here. But before my confusion gets the better of me, let’s kick off this little birthday celebration with some good stuff.

THREE YEARS OF BLOGGING – WOOHOO! Seriously. Outside of gaming and a few other personal activities, I don’t think I’ve held onto another hobby longer. Blogging has gotten under my skin, mostly in all ways good. I’ve been moderately happy with my change-up in posts (i.e. my “Totally 80s” series), which has brought lots of new eyes to the site. And I’m still mostly okay with my generally nostalgic slant here, though I might change things up a little next year by covering “gaming things” unrelated to games I’ve actually played. (I’m not sure how much more ancient gaming history I have to spew forth.) But that’s for forthcoming musings. As for the past, well, earlier in the year I did my best to celebrate a new blogging opportunity called “Voluntine’s Week” with a few guest posts for The Duck of Indeed, Murf Versus, At the Buzzer, and Games I made My Girlfriend Play.  Come summertime I enjoyed a fantastical podcast romp with Alex and Elly of the Manic Pixie Dream Cast. Despite how crazy/mad everything has been, I think I’ve found more support within the community than in years past. I know that my Twitter presence has waned, and I can’t quite remember what Google+ even is, but despite this, I remain happily buoyant on your kind messages and comments here, as well as on United We Game, Geek Force Network, and most recently, 8bit Kitchen. I love being part of all these sites and am pleased to see that you don’t mind my scattered routine. I can’t say that my existence on social media will ramp up any time soon, but know that I am never all too far from that exuberant tweet button.

As with any anniversary, this is also a great time to start thinking about the future. For me, this is where the bittersweetness comes in. As many blogging hobbyists know, it can be quite challenging keeping up with your mindful activities AND maintaining a productive life outside of them. Though I’ve kept my struggles to myself, I’ve had a difficult time juggling my writing in and among everything real life since the beginning of the summer. I’ve not yet hit an I-can’t-do-this-anymore wall, but I’ve come very close recently, and that feeling was…well…scary. Once I commit to something I have a hard time letting go. Just the mere thought of having to do so is anguishing, and it makes me (1) stress out, (2) overanalyze, and eventually (3) crack. Thankfully I haven’t reached step 3 in that equation, but my feeling is that it’s not too far off if I don’t take steps soon to nullify it.

This year isn’t the problem; next year is. In the real world, we’re in the process of planning a number of house projects, one of which includes the ubiquitous kitchen renovation. As awful joyous as that process will no doubt be, it’s already eating away at time that I haven’t even gotten to yet. Add onto that big stuff we’re intending to do in next year’s garden, an already overwhelming number of family commitments, and a strong desire to return to things that have all but disappeared from life (read: blog reading, GAMING), and 2015 is pretty much in the damn bag. All this is to say that I’m going to be writing less overall next year.

I don’t know yet what “writing less” means. Doing fewer posts? Doing shorter posts? Reworking the “schedule” of posts? Nope, still don’t know, but I’m going use to some of my holiday time to figure it out. I have a non-writing project in mind that could help populate some forthcoming weeks, but I’m not sure if I can make it pan out. Stay tuned…I guess. I can say that I won’t be doing another series akin to “Totally 80s.” All that reminiscing has been fun enough, but I have little desire to cover another decade of nostalgia in that fashion. (Besides, I’m not sure which would be worse: “Totally 90s” or “Totally 70s.” I’d be less than qualified to do either, anyway.) I know that I’ll be continuing my monthly “iTunes Diaries” posts, and I’d like to take on another game as I’m doing with my Project 151 series concerning Pokemon LeafGreen.

So yeah, next year is going to be a little different. I need to work out a new routine that keeps things going here as best I can, while not completely faltering on becoming more involved with the gaming/blogging community at-large, even if that just means getting back in touch with blog reading and commenting generally. No blog is an island, and I’ve got a solid anchor here. Now I just need to quit talking to myself and try to be a little more social before I go completely bonkers.

Onward and upward, right? Happy three to me! And to you as well! Without the support I’ve received over the past years, I really wouldn’t be doing this. Any of this. So, THANK YOU (bold, italics, and everything!). Thank you to everyone who’s following this blog and felt compelled enough to converse. Thank you my dear Twitter followers and followees for keeping me in the loop. Thank you everyone and anyone for your willingness to be a part of this silly ol’ mess. I’ll do my best to keep y’all entertained for awhile longer. 🙂

And Kitty says...TURN OFF THAT LIGHT!
You lookin’ at me? I’m the only one who’s here, so you must be lookin’ at me.


  1. Congratulations on Three Years Cary! Good luck with all your upcoming projects, and thanks for working with the Duck and myself for the last year and a half. It’s been a blast so far!

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  2. Happy 3 years again! I do wonder if there will come a time that even I may have to stop blogging at some point if things in my personal life becomes too crowded to fit in blogging. I’m hoping I don’t reach that point like you, but we just see how things goes and hope to keep the blog engine running for as long as we can! 🙂

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    • I wouldn’t wish a massively busy life upon anyone; but we all have to take whatever life throws at us in stride. Would I secretly like to blog instead of remodeling a kitchen or gardening? At times I would, but there’s no arguing with the needs of real life. Plus, my kitchen and garden make food! And that’s more important than blogging, I guess. 😉

      Thanks to good people like you, I love being part of this blogopshere. That will never change no matter how little or much I’m writing.

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  3. Congrats on blogging for three years. Most people struggle to last that long so it’s quite an achievement. I agree that managing your free time is what gets most people in the end. There’s not enough hours in the day!

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    • Thanks much! I’m pretty sure that if it wasn’t for train ride commutes and work lunch breaks, I probably wouldn’t be blogging at all! It is a struggle finding time to write when no one’s paying you to do it, but managing and overcoming that struggle is part of what makes blogging worth it.


  4. Great job, congrats! It’s not easy juggling real-life commitments with blogging (not to mention gaming), but I think anyone would have to hand it to you – your recent output has been nothing short of prolific! As a relative newbie to your blog I’ve really enjoyed reading here plus your stuff over at UWG and elsewhere too. I hope whatever happens you’ll keep it up, and I certainly can’t blame you for wanting to cut down on your output – I can barely manage one post per week.

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    • Y’know, when I started blogging, I thought “keep it flexible.” As time went on, I thought I had to put the whole thing on a schedule so as to avoid being to erratic. I’m not sure what the next step in the chain of blogging evolution. It actually took me awhile to realize that the only way I’d be able to keep going was to cut back. Would rather do that than be forced to quit altogether.

      Thanks for the kind words – you know I enjoy your blog as well, even though I’ve been quite quiet about it. I’m really hoping that less writing will mean I’ll have more time for blog reading and commenting in the future.

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    • Thanks! I had no plans to keep the blog going for as long as it has. The key might be to not fret over it too much. If writing happens, then it happens. 🙂


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