The Story of a Forty Dollar Tablet

Sometimes investing in technology is meaningful. Other times, it’s an experiment. The latter was certainly the case when I picked up (mostly on a whim) a new tablet for $40. Yep, f-o-r-t-y dollars! I could hardly believe it myself when I saw the thing on sale, but there it was. Something called a Nobis 7 for forty smackarinos. After using it for a a couple weeks, I wrote up the post below about it for Geek Force Network. If you’re in the market for a cheap, non-bells-and-whistles tablet that’s questionably constructed and is the exact opposite of “sleek,” yet contains the exemplary guts of any current, brand name Android tablet, then click the link below to see if the Nobis 7 might be right for you!

Geek Force Network

I currently own a Nexus 7 tablet, and it’s been one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. The thing is fast and powerful, perfect for writing, web surfing, and moderate gaming. Being quite happy with it, I had in mind obtaining something a little cheaper for work, something I could use essentially as a digital notebook. Over the course of several months, I kept an eye on sales and Amazon just to see if something interesting popped up. I aimed to keep my potential acquisition in the one hundred dollar range with hopes of finding something for a little less than that. The mere thought of getting a tablet for as little as forty dollars never crossed my mind.

Only then, it crossed my path.

While skimming through the sale circulars from the Sunday paper a few weeks ago, a little item caught my attention:…

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