Me, Myself, and Video Games

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, I’d think my shtick should be obvious by now — game memories, nostalgia, reflections on the past. Well, what I’ve not done here but decided to do over on United We Game was to look back upon my gaming past and sum things up in a nutshell. 2014 has brought about for me a number of reflective instances in thinking about the role that I want video games to play in my life moving forward. But as with so many things, it’s important to remember where you’ve been in order to see where you’re going. If you want to see where me and games have been, click the link below. And please leave your own (brief or not) histories with games in the comment section (on UWG)!


Image by Flickr user Dave Carter (cc)Image by Flickr user Dave Carter (cc)

Maybe it’s in response to the recent controversies in gaming revolving around journalism, sexism, and criticism, but lately I’ve noticed an uptick in articles around the blogosphere about why folks game and why video games are important to them. These articles aren’t meant to stir the angst-ridden pot any further, but rather serve as affirmations of community, inclusivity, and positivity. Seeing as how United We Game revolves around these very principles, I thought I’d post my own story. I know that I’ve touched on points from my past here and there in my Internet ramblings, but I don’t think I’ve ever compiled them all together into a cohesive narrative. So here goes.

I was born in…

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