Listening Party: Golden Era Musicals

I’ve long had a soft spot for musicals and musical theatre. As corny as the whole “breaking out into song” trope can be, when things go right in a musical, they go *really* right. I’m reblogging here one of two posts I wrote for Geek Force Network about some of my favorite musicals. This first article concerns “Golden Era” musicals — old fashioned classics that conjure up images of dazzling spectacles and memorable scenes. Click >>here<< to link to the second post about “Modern Era” musicals, when no topic or story was off limits to song and dance.

Geek Force Network

Thank goodness it’s October, amirite! As I mentioned in my last post, I spent a good portion of September avoiding the world and hiding under blankets. During that time, and especially during rounds of yarn crafting, musicals tended to occupy my ears.  When I’m knitting or crocheting, my musical preferences tends towards stuff that is fluffy, lively, yet not terribly distracting. Those parameters eliminate a sizable portion of my usual catalog of music. But most musicals, from traditional fare like The Sound of Music to the modern thrummings of Phantom of the Opera, fit the bill perfectly. They keep my mind awake and help me concentrate on my work. Plus, there’s something about the ebb and flow of a good musical that help my brain relax into a wonderful zen-like state.

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