The First Encounter

United We Game‘s celebration of Halloween surges onward with our Spooky Silly Poetry Contest! Now’s a great time to write up a quick, little (or large) poem about your favorite scary game and submit to UWG. (Email your entries to We’re collecting your poems through October 31st, and next month, we’re going to vote on our favorite! That one person will be crowned, in the name in fun, the poet supreme of spooky silly games!

Look, if I can write a poem, anyone on the planet can. And I’m supporting the spirit of the contest with my own attempts at writing verse and such. Here’s one I recently posted about game LIMBO and the first encounter with its infamous spider.


Image by Flickr user Justin.Image by Flickr user Justin.

With this post, I hereby submit another group of carefully worded…er, words that may be spooky and/or silly. I don’t think I’m spoiling too much when I say that in the game LIMBO is a spider. I knew that going in, and my first encounter with it was royally unpleasant; hence, the following.

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