Project 151: Round and round (with Pokemon, not Ratt)

When we last left our intrepid Lora (i.e. me), she was stuck in the Safari Zone in Fuschia City.

I would like to throw...YOUR FACE!  Guess that doesn't really work with Poekmon, huh?
I would like to throw…YOUR FACE! Guess that doesn’t really work with Pokemon, huh?

Before the recent Labor Day holiday, I didn’t have much time to play. In the spare five minutes I had here and there, I did nothing but wander through the Safari Zone (spending so manys $500!). I really, really, really wanted to know what the secret surprise was at the end of the zone! While there,  did manage to catch a number of different Pokemon — one of which I added to my team (Nidorina), which now looks like this:

Been steadily leveling up everyone but Charizard, but we all know I don’t like grinding.

Though I really do like my team as it stands, I have wanted to try out new catches. Thing is, each one of my team now has a particular HM, so I have to keep them around in order to regularly use Cut, Fly, etc. If I were to play again, I would probably assign all the HMs to a single Pokemon, so that I could more easily switch up my team. Eh, lesson learned. I like where things are at this point.

Though the sheer ugliness of Victreebel makes me question that...
Though the sheer ugliness of Victreebel makes me question that…

Anyway, once the Labor Day holiday passed, I found myself with a little more time to get back into the game. Since my last Project 151 post, I’ve put in not quite 10 hours, I’ve obtained another badge, and I’ve handsomely increased my Pokedex. Could be better; could be worse.

It is what it is.

Besides getting lost in the Safari Zone, I got lost elsewhere in the game. It all started with me finally getting to the Safari Zone’s secret house. From the guy there I got the Surf HM, which was so totally awesome because I had been dying to figure out how to sail the open seas! (And now I’m doing so on my Snorlax nonetheless!) So then I proceeded to got to any body of water and surf until I surf any further. I found all sorts of stuff in the waters, and I eventually hit the icy Seafoam Island. Another goddamn twisty, turny dungeon, I soon discovered.

But I JUST went up those damn stairs for the umpteeth time!
But I JUST went up those damn stairs for the umpteenth time!

After getting absolutely nowhere in the Seafoam Islands (and I’m still not sure what’s in there that’s so important), I figured that I had to be missing something. So I exited and went back to exploring the cities on land. I ended up revisiting tons of places, finding new paths that I could now access. In Celedon City, I picked up the cute little Eeevee…

I can see the appeal of this little one.
I can see the appeal of this little one.

And as you can see, I summarily turned it in the beast Jolteon.

Quite a transformation! For the better...? I'm not so sure...
Quite a transformation! For the better?  I’m not so sure…

I don’t know why I went the electric route with Eevee, save for the fact that I have yet to catch an electric type.

From there, I rambled through a couple other spots: Cycling Road and Silph Co. in Saffron City. Though it might not be possible to get lost in an office building, I got terribly confused while in Silph Co. I battled several Team Rocket Grunts and scientists before giving up on whatever quest I was supposed to complete there. Whatever it was, I didn’t think it was going to help with Seafoam Island anyway. I eventually made my way back to Fuchsia City with hopes that something there would trigger some sort of clue about the island.

There is where I should point out that one of the things that makes me a terrible game is that I’m incredibly forgetful when it comes to collectibles. Even though the game is nice enough to provide you with an inventory of all the things you’ve collected, I rarely remember to check it. Often it’s not until a character says “Thanks, I needed [x item]!” that I even remember, oh yeah, I did collect that thing from that place.  This is what happened when I randomly entered the Safari Zone’s warden’s house upon revisiting all the spots there. He was all kinds of excited that I had his false teeth, which, oh yeah, I did collect from the Safari Zone. As a reward, he gave me the Strength HM, which, when assigned, allowed me to move giant boulders. Hey, there were giant boudlers in Seafoam Island…and that was the missing link, now discovered! I’m now in the process of rejiggering the water flows in Seafoam Island, hoping that whatever secret lies in wait is worth the effort.

So, to recap, here’s my progress list to date:

  • Traveled through the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City (multiple times); eventually found scret house and obtained Surf HM
  • Battled Koga at Fuchsia City gym; obtained Soulbadge
  • Traveled to Seafoam Island; got lost and left
  • Fought lots of bikers on Cycling Road
  • Got lost in Silph Co. in Saffron City; ended up in fighting dojo
  • Defeated trainer Koichi in the dojo; chose Hitmonchan as reward
  • Went back to Fuchsia City, found warden, obtained Strength HM
  • Traveled back to Seafoam Island

This inventory isn’t quite as neat as the last ones, but no one ever said the road to victory would occur in a straight line.

Signing off now with one question: given whatever, if any rewards await in Seafoam Island and Silph Co., where would you suggest I put in the most effort?



  1. Jolteon is a good choice. That’s one of my all-time favorites! Also, they’ve added more and more evolutions to Eevee over the years. You should take a look,


    • O, rly? (To Google Image search, post haste!) That little Eevee was so dang cute, I almost didn’t want to transform it. I’ve used Jolteon a little, but not much. I’m having a weird time trying to figure out what electricity beats…


  2. I’m pretty sure that Silph Co. is necessary for the storyline of the game, but I can’t remember if the Seafoam Islands are or not. So, I’m going to vote for Silph Co.


  3. I vote Silph co. I like it more than the Seafoam Islands by far (trainers = exp and money, hooray!), and rewards-wise I would suggest doing it first (I’ll leave it at that unless you want to know more details =P )


    • No, I look forward to finding out the secrets as they come. 🙂 But thanks for the vote — definitely can’t go wrong in seeking out more money!


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