Standing at the Crossroads with JRPGs

Recently on Geek Force Network, I made a terrible admittance. I don’t like JRPGs as much as I think I should. I’ve tried and nominally succeeded and tried and mostly failed to work them into my gaming routine over the years, but I’ve tended to keep them at arms length due to what I perceive as overwhelming complexity. Many JRPGs require a certain level of devotion up front in order for the player to properly latch onto the story, the controls, and the gameplay in general. Anything less and the game becomes a hard-to-remember slog through intricate but forgotten plots filled with interesting but forgotten characters. Why do I think I NEED JRPGs in order to be a well-rounded gamer? I really don’t know, and I can’t say I answered that question in this post. But writing it made me feel more certain about one thing: I should quit over analyzing and just play! 🙂

Geek Force Network

The other day I did an incredibly rare thing – I purchased a video game on a whim, without any forethought or questioning, without any rhyme or reason. In all my years of gaming, the act of purchasing a game has never been something I’ve taken lightly. I tend to play it close to the chest when buying games, preferring to stick with franchises I know and trust or games that I’ve thoroughly read up on and believe are worth my hard earned sixty dollars. But in the case of this very capricious choice, I went against my own rules and sensibilities.

No need to hold on to your butts here; the game I purchased wasn’t anything all that far-flung, just Final Fantasy XIII-2. Yep, that’s all, simply a Final Fantasy game. I turned on the Xbox, noticed its little sale ad on the homepage, and made the purchase…

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