From the Console’s Perspective: The Halcyon Days of Youth

Recently, most of my thoughts concerning games have revolved around my changing relationship with them. As I sped past one of my game consoles in a hurry to get to work one morning, I started to ponder what that evolution might look like from another perspective. From the console’s perspective. With that notion in mind and a brief team-up with the creative writing bug, I formulated this three-part series for United We Game in which I speculated upon a life lived from the point of view of a video game console. Whether or not I managed well with the creative part remains to be judged, but it was nicely cathartic putting these bottled up thoughts and emotions in writing. Here’s the first entry in the series looking back upon the carefree and careless days of gaming during childhood, when time was plentiful and so were the games.

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From the Console’s Perspective: The College Years, and Then Some
From the Console’s Perspective: The Onset of Middle Age


Ever wondered what life might look like from the perspective of a video game console? No? Uh…oh. Is it weird that I have? Don’t answer that. Instead, blissfully follow me in this three-part series where I imagine how the trappings for humanity might appear to a game console. Could be any game console, maybe that game console you’re staring at right now. Yep, that very one.

First up, childhood and adolescence.

Image by Flickr user Joe Shlabotnik

Image by Flickr user Joe Shlabotnik

Man, am I glad that kid has school! Let me tell you, if it wasn’t for those eight to twelve hours between getting up and dinner time, I’d be an overheated wreck!

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