Project 151: Get while the getting’s good

The gaming fates (at least as far as Pokemon is concerned) have been on my side over the past few weeks, as me and my little Charmelon-turned-Charizard have made significant progress!

Up 16 hours from  my last entry -- that's damn fine, I say I say!
Up 16 hours from my last entry — that’s damn fine, I say I say!

Yes, thanks to a combination of insomnia, downtime during travel, and favoring LeafGreen above all other games of late, I hit a high note over the past several weeks. I’m not sure that the good getting will last too much longer, but I’m enjoying it for what it’s worth. As I mentioned before, the game is turning out to be much more enjoyable than I had anticipated, and…well…I’m pretty sure that the preconceived notions I had held about Pokemon have almost dissolved. As an example, here’s my internal commentary from a recent interlude I call “I Want a Snorlax, Dammit!”


Lora entered into battle cautiously, worried upon seeing the Snorlax’s Level 30 rating that all but her Charizard would survive. She quickly discovered that not only was Snorlax a worthy foe, but he had several tricks up his sleeve(?), one of which was regeneration. Godfuckingdammit.

Oh man, he recharged himself! $^&%#@*!

She quickly lost two contenders to the Snorlax’s evil moves. She entered in a third hope that some ground magic would do the trick. She managed to get Snorlax down to just below half health before throwing out her first pokeball.

 He got out of the pokeball! Shit! I gotta get more balls! (haha)

She did indeed. So Lora ran from the battle and made her way back to the nearest Pokemart and purchased pokeballs along with a host of needed potions. She also went to a Pokecenter to heal up. Then she headed back to the Snorlax with a renewed sense of victory.

The second time round, she started with her ground Pokemon, and during the battle switched between it and a dark Pokemon, which seemed to do the trick. Any time the Snorlax’s health went below half, she threw out a ball. It took several rounds of it regenerating and her fighting back hard before…finally…


And the silent celebration commenced.



Had Pokemon been around when I was eight, the exclamations in my head would have been quite close to my present-day rantings. I think I’m starting to understand Pokemon and its conspiratorial ways. Because seriously, capturing a Snorlax was tough. And yet, in that moment of play, it was ALL I wanted. I went through a ridiculous number of resources in order to survive the fight. I had to run and buy more pokeballs in the middle of it all. But finally, the battle timed out right so that I could capture the Snorlax on very low energy before he had a chance to recharge. And I was supremely happy.

Though I still have a long way to go in building up my pokedex…


…I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon.  At this point, I’m in Fuchsia City and have been spending several $500 rounds in the Safari Zone capturing this and that. I keep running out of time before finding whatever secret the zone holds, so I’ll probably stick around, and pay up, for awhile to find out what it is before moving on. Though there’s also a gym, presumably holding my 5th badge, I need to take care.

I also need to take some time to consider my team. Currently I’m working with Charizard, Dugtrio, Weepinbell, Persian, Pidgeotto, and Snorlax. All are at or above Level 30. Now that I’ve caught some higher level Pokemon, I’ve been thinking that I should balance out my team. Maybe. I don’t know.

Anyway, here’s my jumbled progression list:

  • Defeated Lars, again, on the S. S. Anne
  • Obtained cut
  • Traveled through Diglett’s Cave
  • Explored Vermillion City
  • Obtained flash
  • Defeated Lt. Surge; obtained Thunderbadge
  • Traveled through Rock Tunnel (I hate these tunnels.)
  • Explored Lavender Town
  • Battled Lars, again, in Pokemon Tower
  • Headed to Celedon City
  • Defeated Giovanni
  • Defeated Erika; obtained Rainbowbadge
  • Obtained Silph Scope; headed back through Pokemon Tower
  • Traveled to Fuchsia City

I’m sure there’s tons that I missed — anything direly important? Does this game have a point of no return?

One other question. I have the Everstone, which, when held, prevents a Pokemon from evolving. In what scenario(s) would this be useful? I thought the whole point of the game was to evolve your Pokemon, no?

Pokemon Tower was rather eerie, and the channelers had the strangest quips.
Pokemon Tower was rather eerie, and the channelers had the strangest quips.
I know not all Pokemon evolve, and I thought Meowth was one of them. I got learned.
I know not all Pokemon evolve, and I thought Meowth was one of them. I got learned.
I've been keeping my high-level Charizard at bay, unless I just don't feel like battling.
I’ve been keeping my high-level Charizard at bay, unless I just don’t feel like battling.
Free Pokemon?? Bring it on!
Free Pokemon?? Bring it on!





  1. I don’t think you permanently lose access to things, so you can go back later if you see something in the pokedex that you missed.
    The everstone isn’t that useful in the main game (you can use it for breeding later).


    • Ah cool, thanks! I kept wondering if it was something I should sell or not. Now I’ll hold onto it. Good to know also about the backtracking. Seems I’m doing it anyway as I randomly remember that I can now access certain places I couldn’t before.


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