At the Buzzer’s Top 25 Characters of All-Time

Just like and good, red-blooded, organizationally-inclined American, I love me a good list. So when the awesome folks behind At The Buzzer invited me to join in making a list of all-time favorite video game characters, of course I said YES! (They’ve enlisted a whole bunch of great folks for the task, including the wonderful @simpleekgrl of Simpleek!) Here I’m reblogging the introductory post to the whole shebang. This month the countdown starts with favorite male characters; female characters follow next month. Click through to head over to ATB where you can follow, comment, and vote on the list as it happens. Who’s cuisine will reign supreme?! Err…uh, I mean, video games! (Though I am a little hungry right now…) Which video game character will rule our hearts forever and ever? You’ve got to follow along to find out!

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Last year, we assembled a team to decide the 25 best games of all-time. Then, in March, we selected the 25 best Pokemon of all-time. Now? Now we’re expanding our horizons a bit.

We’ve decided to go through the hundreds of thousands of video game characters ever created and make our picks for the 25 best. This is going to be a two-month endeavor, because we’re going to break it down in a battle of the sexes. First up in August is the males, then the females will take center stage in September, before our final group list comes together in early October.

We’ve put together a panel of ATB stars and guests and friends of the show to narrow down the list. Today is just an introduction. Starting tomorrow, we’ll count down all the way to the best male character of all-time on Aug. 31. And you’ll…

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