No reblog today, just some thanks

Greetings all of you lovely, real people who aren’t spambots!

Oh hell…c’mere you spambots! **hugs**

I’m sure you’ll be sorely disappointed to hear that I don’t have a reblog today. It is a terribly sad hiccup in my routine, I know, but I am on my way to Disneyland!

Haha…no I’m not, but I am headed to a place that’s like Disneyland.  Washington, D. C.!  Alright I jest a little, but DC is one of my most favorite places to visit and…uh…one of my least favorite places to visit. Yes, I both love and hate it for what it is. But behind all the yahoos are whole bunches of people who are serious about preserving and making accessible our nation’s history, and that’s what makes me adore it so. So while I’m perusing museum halls and seeking secret places away from the tourists, I hope you all enjoy a perfectly fine Monday wherever you are. (Maybe I’ll remember to tweet out a picture or two. Though I suck at Twitter, so…) I’ll be back this Wednesday on my regular schedule.

And since I’ve never been know to write less than three paragraphs about anything , I figured I take a moment here to say thanks. It’s something I don’t do enough, I know. My summer has been peculiarly deficient in free time. I’ve fallen so far behind in general reading and commenting that I may just have to start fresh with my favorite blogs (new favorites seem to pop up daily!) come September. Not that life will be any easier then, but at least all the vacationing and visiting will be on hiatus. Also, gaming? HA! All I can say is thank god for LeafGreen, otherwise I’d be so far removed from games right now, I’d need a compass, guide dog, and forest ranger to help me find my way back to them. (I had though about issuing another Project 151 post here, but I just haven’t had time to compile one. Rest assured, another update will soon be on the way!)

In all sincerity, I can’t thank you guys enough — you followers, readers, and commenters who make all this madness worthwhile. On the days when I’m feeling low, or my stats are low, or I somehow end up listening to Flo Rida’s “Low” in self-loathing, all of you awesome people help me remember why I started this in the first place. So in the immortal words of Styx




    1. We had a really great time, thanks. Didn’t get round to ALL the sites, but we made a good enough dent. All the more reason to return again someday!


  1. Enjoy your vacation, Cary! 🙂 I really do love our little blog community. It makes finding time to write something each week, at least for me, worth it. And it helps me keep up with my favorites, like you! So I’m thanking you for being the wonderful person you are. Don’t ever change. 😉


    1. Aw man…you’re making me blush! 🙂 I love my weekly visits round the community, and I wish I had nothing but time to comment on everything. It can be hard keeping up when there’s so much great writing, but it’s nonetheless inspiring!


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