The ebb and flow of my Star Wars fandom

Outside of video games, Star Wars has probably been the next most constant obsession in my life. After seeing Return of the Jedi in the theatre way back when, I was hooked. But as with any love, its intensity has waxed and waned between extended moments of high praise and low disapproval. With another Star Wars movie now on the way, and with things about it looking very promising, I’m slowly coming out of one of those low periods, and I find myself once again embracing everything that makes Star Wars so wonderful. And there was no better place for this inner monologue than Geek Force Network.

Geek Force Network

Image by Flickr user Manuel SagraImage by Flickr user Manuel Sagra

In the last Full Force, we discussed fandom and what it means to be a fan.  It’s an interesting topic and one that’s been on my mind recently with two major Star Wars announcements arriving through the pipeline: that future Star Wars movies will (mostly) disregard the current expanded universe, and the reveal of Episode VII’s cast that includes the return of Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford.

For the bulk of my years up through the turn of the millennium, I was a Star Wars fan. The first movie I ever saw in a movie theatre was Return of the Jedi, and it instantly hooked me. For years, Star Wars-related gifts were staples at birthdays and Christmases. When the movies appeared on TV, I had to watch them, without question. In time I had practically memorized original trilogy, from scenery to…

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