Taking a step back to look forward

In case you hadn’t noticed, I write about video games, a lot. Not a lot compared to some bloggers, but a lot for me. And because I’m the one to blame for starting this train, there are times when I feel that I have to keep it going no matter the cost. In the recent past, this has driven my gaming down a path strewn with debris from the outside. This approach doesn’t quell my inner desire to play as much as it makes me feel like I MUST play only because…I MUST! I MUST CONTRIBUTE TO THE COMMUNITY! That’s all well and good sometimes, but the feelings that comes with this self-fulfilling prophecy turn out to be hollow and meaningless. In this post I wrote for United We Game, I take a step back from my current reality to reflect on why I play games in the first place and to answer the question “what do I want from gaming?”


Image by Flickr user Ian MuttooImage by Flickr user Ian Muttoo

As the summer gets rolling, my time with games grows thinner and thinner. Just this past weekend I turned on the ol’ 360 to play a little South Park: The Stick of Truth for the first time in nearly 3 weeks. I picked up a couple new games in Steam and put in a few minutes of gameplay, but I’ve no idea when I’ll next have any substantial time to become further frustrated with Guacamelee or return to whatever the heck I was doing in The Witcher. Summertime has been like that for me for awhile – gaming has to take a backseat to things like vacations, renovations, work, and life in general. I’m not complaining, I’m used to the cycle by now, and I’ve even come to welcome it, this time “off.” With summer generally being a time scant of new game releases, it’s sometimes spoken of…

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