Manic Pixie Dream Cast (and Me)!

Image @ Manic Pixie Dream Cast (duh.)

If you’ve ever wanted to listen to my words (as incoherent as they may be) rather than just read them, well here’s your chance! Or, um…the links below are your chance…chances. Just…er…stick with me here and we’ll get through this.

This week I joined the loveable and most patient duo of Alex (@OhWowHeyHo) and Elly (@faithlehanne) on the one and only Manic Pixie Dream Cast (@pixiedreamcast)! They developed this podcast to talk about all things games, which they’ve done so well over the course of 10, now 11, episodes. I was thrilled to be asked to join them for a session (Episode 11: “Send Cary a Cat Plane”), which was loads of fun, and during which we talked about a little of everything with a focus on multiplayerism versus solo gaming.

My thanks go out to Alex and Elly for allowing me to spatter on for awhile about random Guacamelee this and crazy Super Metroid that. They are very cool people, and as such, deserve to be adored by all. Their Twitter links are above and their blog links are below, so please do follow them, for me, for the sake of gaming…or hell, for the sake of the world itself because it’s just that important. To get to the podcast, all their other podcasts, and all the glorious bits of game writing that they produce for the interwebs, links are below.

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Elly’s blog: Is This Gaming?