A Tribute to a Tribute — Mortal Kombat: The Album

The world of video game music is an eclectic one, isn’t it? Game soundtracks of today range of orchestral masterpieces to modern clamor. In the past, clever musicians with knacks for computing spliced together computer bits into memorable forms that continue to attract audiences. Sometimes, sounds of games bring about fandoms; sometimes they inspire tributes. I covered one such “tribute” (though not technically) album on Geek Force Network, the awesome and pumped-up Mortal Kombat: The Album. Hearkening back to the 90s with dance and techno flavors, Mortal Kombat: The Album is as wonderful for its energy as it is for its namesake. Because every now and then, screaming the classic “MORTAL KOMBAT!” yell is enough to help improve upon any dismal day.

Geek Force Network


There are video game soundtracks – the background/theme music that is prevalent in most games – and then there are video game companion soundtracks. I don’t know that such albums exist in multitude, but they could be considered the equivalent of “inspired by” soundtracks, i.e. compilations of music related to but not used in a particular game, TV show, or movie. I have a little bit of game music on my iPod – it’s not something that I dabble in much – and I have exactly one video game companion soundtrack that literally yells at me each time it cycles round: Mortal Kombat: The Album.

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