Project 151: The Starter Chosen

Greetings pokéfanatics and pokéquestioners alike! As a sizable handful of you are aware, this summer (and probably fall, and quite possibly winter), I’m tackling my first ever Pokemon game. I’ve chosen the game (LeafGreen, emulated), and last week I asked for your help in choosing a starter. My profuse thanks goes out to everyone who voted in the poll!

Without further ado, the winner is…


And just look at how happy he is! least, I *hope* that's happiness...
And just look at how happy he is! …at least, I *hope* that’s happiness…

I know squat about this little guy, except that he’s very cute, he’s a fire type (no, really?), and somewhere along the way he becomes Charizard.  Eh, that’s plenty enough knowledge for me. Fortunately for you, I don’t have much else to say on the matter, except that I really hope to get the game going at some point this week. For now, I’m on the tail-end of what’s so far been a great holiday weekend, and I have much more holiday-ing to squeeze in before the day is out.  (Hope your collective weekends have been wonderful too, holiday or not!)

As I’ve mentioned before, future “Project 151” posts won’t be on any sort of schedule, but look for them on the occasional Monday over the coming weeks. Please do join me on what I hope becomes an interesting (and maybe entertaining? Educational? Eccentric? Who knows!) adventure into the Pokéverse.


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