Dear Pokémon, Is It Too Late?

Before I get into the meat of this reblog, I’d like to thank everyone who voted in the poll from last Monday’s Pokémon post. While I’m looking forward to getting started with LeafGreen, I’m leaving the poll open for one more week. Which starter should I pick? Which one would YOU choose? Leave your vote, and majority rules!

So, with Pokémon continually on the brain, I’m sharing here a post on the topic that I wrote last month for United We Game. In it, I explore a little further my feelings about the series and broach the notion of actually playing one of the games after so many years of passing them up (for no good reason, really). While Pokémon wasn’t part of my gaming history, it was for a sizable population of today’s gamers. For a look into one such past, I highly recommend “How Pokémon Made Me A Gamer” from the The Duck of Indeed.


Image by Flickr user h-bombImage by Flickr user h-bomb

You’ve seen TwitchPlaysPokémon, yes? It’s become such a thing (phenomenon? mess?) on the Internet that’s it’s hard to escape; but, if you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, then click the link and check it out. Pokémon Crystal is currently streaming, but prior to just a few days ago, it was streaming an emulated version of the original Pokémon Red (1996, Gameboy) in which users “played” the game by inputting commands via keyboard prompts. TPP is a social experiment of sorts to see just how much of a Pokémon game a “crowd” can play. After 16 days, the crowd beat Pokémon Red. It was a pretty amazing feat that was eloquently summed up in this post from At The Buzzer. I couldn’t even begin to describe what I saw during the few times I tuned into TPP, because as much as I…

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