Community Post: The Embarrassing Joys of Lost Kingdoms II

On April 6, 2013, the Internet became a better place for us all, for on that day United We Game was UNLEASHED UPON THE WORLD!! Not that I’m excited about a brand new gaming site that I helped create or anything. But yes, this month marks UWG’s 1-year anniversary! And everyone there is incredibly excited and happy with reaching this important threshold. To kick off UWG’s birthday month, we’ve been posting our favorite guilty pleasure games. You know the ones…those games that you’d never play in mixed company? Games that send shivers down the spines of many but warm your heart? Yeah, those games. Here I’m sharing the post that kicked off the series from the wonderful Duck of Indeed.


Image from Flickr User: Migue Alcaino Image from Flickr User: Migue Alcaino

Thanks to an idea from Chip of “Games I Made My Girlfriend Play”, the admins and contributors of UWG will be posting a series of community posts over the next span of days on the topic of our “guilty pleasure” games in celebration of April Fool’s Day. And it looks as if the Duck gets the honor of starting things off. And on April Fool’s Day, of all days! Score!

Well, we all have some games we’re rather embarrassed to admit that we like, right? And if you deny it, I’ll only assume that you have a game in mind you’re just keeping secret from me…. Well, I have some of these games, as well. I often have pretty decent taste in games, or so I like to believe. I love “The Legend of Zelda” and “Kingdom Hearts” and “Halo”, but I…

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