In Defense of the Gaming Unitasker

Many of us remember with fondness the good old days of the “plug-and-play” video game console. Well, as dangerous as nostalgia can be, the Ataris and Segas and NESs of days gone by are still vivid parts of many of our gaming lives. Pop in a game, press start, and off you go into a world without load times and cut scenes. Game consoles of today are true marvels of modern design and capability. They’ve serve multiple functions and show gaming in some of the best light they’ve seen in years. So it’s not like I want a total return to the past, as I discuss in this United We Game post, it’s just that when I want to play an Xbox or PlayStation game, all I want to do is play a game. No TV, no Internet, just play.


Image by Flickr user Great BeyondImage by Flickr user Great Beyond

Here on United We Game, one of the things that often come up in our posts and comments has how wonderful it is to be a gamer these days. With nothing less than a plethora of games at our fingertips and means by which to play them, it’s hard to imagine going back to time when gaming wasn’t so prevalent. I know I wouldn’t want to, except…well…there is one thing I kind of miss. The gaming-onlyconsole. For a couple decades, from arcade machines to the rise of home consoles, we lived with devices that served one purpose and one purpose only: to play video games.  They weren’t music players, they weren’t video players, they weren’t connected to an information superhighway; they were just video game consoles.

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  1. Cary –

    I feel like a complete dick. You gave us a high-five a few months back and we never noticed. So, please accept our most ultra of high-fives and a pleasant “thank you” for being such an awesome reader/peer!

    Love forever and always,

    Recollections of Play kicks a**!


    • Well, gosh darnit *blush* …thanks! No need to apologize in the least; blogging is difficult enough without having to keep track of any extra “side quests.” (haha) I’ve been pretty terrible recently about spreading some good words to the excellent crop of blogs that I follow — there are just so many, yours included! *secondary high five returned* 😀


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