Guest Post: Life With Spoilers

Spoilers are the bane of any gamers existence, right? After all, starting a new game previously untouched and unseen is like exploring the unknown, and there’s little in life that’s more exciting (and scary) than that. For me, however, sometimes spoilers serve an important purpose, namely getting me to expand my sometimes narrow gaming horizons. It’s this notion that I explore in this post I wrote for Games I Made My Girlfriend Play, a fantastic gaming site with articles written from the perspectives of a gaming couple. My everlasting thanks go out to Chip, one of GIMMGP’s admins, for giving me this chance to share some gaming thoughts with all of you.

Games I Made My Girlfriend Play

Today on GIMMGP, we have the joy of sharing a post from Cary, the talented writer behind Recollections of Play.  Outside of sharing nostalgic moments in music and gaming on her own blog, Cary also contributes to Geek Force Network and serves as an admin at United We Game.  Please be sure to check out her work at each of these sites; it’s good stuff! 

by Flickr user –nanio- ( by Flickr user –nanio- (

When other gamers learn that my husband and I, two mostly-regular gamers, don’t often play games together, the tandem question that sometimes follows is “what do you do when you both want to play the same game? How do you avoid spoilers?” My answer varies, but it generally boils down to with planning, but it depends on the game. When we get a game that we both want to play, one of us will usually “call” it first (because occasionally…

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