Crossing Over: Video Games Meet Hollywood

Although I completed Beyond: Two Souls nearly a month ago, it’s consistently been on my mind for a number of reasons, one of which I expounded upon in this #Voluntines post I wrote for one of my favorite sites, At the Buzzer. (Also, FOLLOW THEM! NOW!) There are several things that make BTS unique among today’s games, such as its use of professional actors who not only voiced the main characters but also underwent the fascinating and, I can only imagine, grueling process of performance capture. The results are impressive, if not perfect, and I hope they’re signs of things to come in games.

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Editor’s note: This is a guest post from cary at Recollections of Play for Voluntine’s Week. You should go read more things at her site because she writes interesting things and she was way more voluntiney than we were.


Beyond: Two Souls (BTS) has been on my mind a lot. I played through the game last month, and it’s popped back into my thoughts here and there for a number of reasons: its story and the way it was told, the characters and the ways they were presented; its glaring and irksome imperfections. The game is quite memorable for elements both good and bad.

BTS is initially played through in flashbacks. Once all the chapters are opened, presumably you can go back and play through them in order. I didn’t have the chance to do that, but I really wish I had. Because despite some flaws in storytelling, BTS is…

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